Saturday, March 18, 2017

That little seamstress Me

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A stitch in time, saves nine. Yes Benjamin Franklin was correct, but the thing is America or the world no longer has seamstresses or really people who know a thing about cloth and sewing. It is a fact that Jesus knew more about mending garments than most people today as he knew enough not to put new cloth on an old tear or it would rip it bigger as old and new do not mix.

In that I am not a fan of sewing, and although I would love to have a 1000 dollar sewing machine with that zig zag pattern which binds up rips in clothing tout suite, I am stuck with a needle and thread and eyes that are overstressed from posting this blog for years.

I would though add to Benjamin Franklin's wisdom in this simple verse, "A patch sewn twice, last to thrice".

What I mean by that is when I sew blue jeans, I have found that besides stabbing myself, that there are a few things which work and many things which do not work.

I prefer my patches under the cloth being sewn and not on top.........again I do not have a 1000 dollar sewing machine with zig zag setting.

It is necessary to trim the loose threads to clean the wound or make the hole accessible.

The patch is this anchored by the first sewing, and either you have to double knot the thread or feed the thread at the knot, back into the needle so it will anchor and not pull through.

What follows is the necessity for long duration patches in I actually sew around the hole patching it, and then sew around it a second time, and this will make the patch last 3 times as will outlast the pants in fact.

By doing this it is a sort of darning effect, like a scab, or like bones being like pipe joints soldered together to form a tight bond for an impressively neat patch.

When I was picking up throw away pants in the junk patching bin, I actually gained several pairs which had holes in them and satan put a hole in one immediately, which I just finished sewing. My "town pants" that I wear to pick up feed sacks, have a hole in the butt............I have no idea if the person sat in acid or what, but the pants were perfectly good except for that, and thus patching them for a year almost now, the patch and material are wed and worn together to form a perfect bond.

I realize most people just throw things away now, as America is a place where the rich find it cheap enough to throw away piles of clothes........I have on an IZOD sweatshirt which is basically new and a t shirt under it which is 50 cents for both.......pants were free, and that is my chore clothes wardrobe which the Puntz or Daisy and Belle have no problems with as I am fashionable and look as city grubber chic as anyone else in 1000 dollar attire.

I suspect that people are going to have to learn to sew or go naked, and die of exposure. The thing in patches I have learned is if you are going to sew it once, you might as well sew it twice to make it last, or you will be cussing about a ripped patch and having your ass hanging out and trying to sew it again.

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