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The Kenyan Commonwealth of Wiretapping President Trump


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America has an incestuous relationship concerning intelligence with the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and South Korea, in basically all nations have an open intelligence policy with the other, unless it is one of their numerous criminal enterprises.

So when American intelligence points to the fact that the Obama regime for Hillary Clinton utilized British intelligence, namely GCHQ, and the British deny and threaten the Trump Administration over it, it is a lie, because the fact is the British have been tapping under ocean fiber optic cables, grabbing the signal as in Stingray from the FBI which is a cell tower router, and then after copying it, transmitting it to the original destination again. They do this by a camera tap that photographs the light in fiber optic cables.

It is a fact that England had a massive listening post in Germany as did the NSA.


So it is not a stretch that the British and Canadians are employing the same devices inside America to assist their own intelligence and to assist the American NSA, as the barriers all disappeared.

Does this make a bit more sense in Hillary Clinton's server was a portal into government systems as the hackers proved, and these same world order backers were receiving from Hamrod a bit more for their buck than what Obama was offering?

For a historical record of the worst cases of spying by GCHQ, the facts are they spy on the Prime Minister and Members of Parliament without authorization.

It was further reported in 2015 that British intelligence services, including GCHQ, had been spying on MPs in defiance of laws prohibiting it. GCHQ had introduced a policy in March 2015 that did not require approval by the Prime Minister, or any Minister, before deliberately targeting the communications of a parliamentarian. This is despite then-Home Secretary, Theresa May, telling Parliament in 2014 that "Obviously, the Wilson doctrine applies to parliamentarians."

The most lurid were the recordings of Princess Diana in her affair as a British Royal, and finally in GCHQ recording her last moments of her life and her death in Paris.

Diana's Squidgygate tapes 'leaked by GCHQ' - Telegraph

The infamous "Squidgygate" tapes of Diana, Princess of Wales talking intimately to an alleged lover were recorded by the British intelligence listening ...

'Spies taped Diana's crash and bugged her ... -

BRITISH spies would have recorded the last moments of ­Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed by bugging their mobile phones, it is claimed.

If you need more proof of what GCHQ is engaged in, they were the department who recorded Prince Charles telling Camilla that he wanted to be a tampon and shoved up inside of her whatsit.

Charles and Camilla's lovenest was bugged, Diana inquest told

Last updated at 22:00 28 February 2008

Phone lines were tampered with at a house where Prince Charles is believed to have had secret liaisons with Camilla Parker Bowles while still married to Diana, it was revealed yesterday. The discovery prompted fears of widespread bugging of the Royal Family and led to high-level talks involving the heads of MI5 and GCHQ, the Government's listening station, during the early 1990s, the Diana inquest heard.

So the British denying that they did not do a quid pro quo with the Obama regime for Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of the London Lawlessness, in they break the law and then threaten others when they are caught in criminal activity.

GCHQ identifies cyber espionage activity targeting UK industry and individuals, and gathers intelligence to better understand new and emerging threats

The Above Screens Show Australia and Africa Monitored
The fact is the British maintain a consulate in New York, as do every other espionage group, and the same NSAa and FBI tapping AT&T is the same GCHQ that is gathering fiber optics and cell phone transmissions. The Christopher Steele gathering of intelligence was known by MI6 and they signed off on it, as nothing goes through London without MI6 being aware when one of their agents is contacting Ukraine and Russian operatives.

So when GCHQ denies it was involved, that is like Hillary Clinton saying she was not involved in Khadaffi's murder. She armed the terrorists and the Obama special ops were on the ground, and they watched it all and laughed, but the White House did not pull the trigger or ass rape Khadaffi as the principle. It was their operation though.

By the New York FBI's office reaction to operations taking place in the New York, which they were cut out of, and more to the point had traces that Obama operations were taking place, all of this points to a reality of something which apparently needs explaining.

ALL NATIONS have their white operations like CIA. They also have their black operations which operate in the shadows like MI6, which the oversight never hears about unless Edward Snowden appears.
Into this then are the "contractors", like a money launderer in Mark Rich or a Barry Seal in flight operations, who are off book and "get things done". The way this happens is a conversation like this:

Hillary Clinton: Goddamn it Barack!!!! You promised to help me and if I don't get elected I can't cover your ass!!! So get your shit together and find me something I can use!!!

image Obama: Val what are we going to do with Hamrod as we need her and she is blowing it?

Val-erie Jarrett: I will ask Clapper.

James Clapper: Ms. Jarrett, we really do not have anything on Donald Trump nor his associates. As this is national security, let me check around, but there is nothing we can do.

Obama Political Officer: Clapper was checking on things, and like the IRS with the Tea Party, I know what the White House wants. We have to be clean on this, so get that guy the British contract with in New York to tap the signal the NSA is sharing.

MI6 contractor: Will do, will put it under looking for Russian and Polonium 210 rumors.

The intelligence then goes into the Threat Matrix which is reviewed by the NSA, and filtered through as a whispering campaign in the Attorney General, DOD and FBI.

It should be obvious in all  of this something which is not being stated in this was GCHQ based data mining on Donald Trump, that when Mike Flynn was in contact with the Russians as was part of his job, that Mike Flynn was speaking with Mr. Trump regularly, and that is exactly how the President was wiretapped.

GCHQ "wipes" files they receive and only maintains the relevant bits. All of the wiretapping of President Trump are in the NSA servers in Utah and are transcribed in Georgia.

I return all of you to the George W. Bush reverse speech as found by David John Oates, a reality which had W disappearing after this was made public here. In the reversal,  W talks of CANADIAN LEAKS. That points to the cover in this, that the GCHQ contractor was a Canadian, to hide they were spying on President Trump with full approval from the Obama regime.

It does not matter who is lying in this, because it all comes back to George W. Bush pointing to Canada in the source for the special prosecutor which he was illegally informed of, as that is classified intelligence.

Those are the facts in this, that the British are the smarmiest lot outside of Obama trolls in this world, and the island of usury is nothing to cuddle up with, as Theresa May proved she will stab anyone in the back and say anything to the President.

In this age of insurrection against President Trump, the fact is that you believe the evidence and do not trust the clever propaganda of those who are being exposed in this coup against America.

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