Friday, March 3, 2017

Traitors in the Trump Midst

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a reality which is being lost in the mix of the Trump administration of a staff of leakers and traitors, is ask yourself if you were President Trump, and your Chief of Staff in Reince Priebus vouched for your deputy Chief of Staff in Katie Walsh, and her fiance in Mike Shields is in bed with every #NeverTrumper, as he ran the Paul Ryan Congressional PAC, and as Steve Bannon gushes over Katie Walsh after she is outed as one of the foremost leakers in the Administration, would you not think something is wrong?

You do remember Amanda Carpenter right? Ted Cruz's sex kitty, who in racism sent out the message that destroyed Ben Carson in Iowa?

Read her tweet of October 4, 2016 in one month before the election, in she was one of the prime movers to get Donald Trump and was a big Mike Pence supporter.


For Steve Bannon to be touted as the brains behind this disaster in the making of hiring everyone who hates President Trump in trying to get him impeached for Mike Pence to be President, so Jeb Bush will be appointed Vice President, somehow it seems Bannon in his "revolution of ridding America of the insiders" has put the insiders inside and is throwing the Trump out with the bath water.

I would never insult President Trump by suggesting that Bannon is the brains behind Trump, but it is clear that Bannon is now one of the most influential people on the planet, and that Trump would likely not occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue were it not for him. This started playing out long before Bannon officially joined Team Trump in August of 2016.

The reason all of this matters is deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh's finance is joined at the hip with Amanda Carpenter. This is nothing old, but was part of the Al Franken whispering campaign to remove President Trump.
Carpenter simply gushed over Mike Shields, wanting people to "Listen to him!" in his appearances on CNN as a "delegate expert" in the intrigue against Donald Trump.

CNN's delegate expert Mike Shields said that the intervention was not about stopping Trump but "the start of the Ted Cruz 2020 campaign".

And in October, when they were all trying to push Trump to drop out of the race:

"The likely scenario, if there is one, is that Pence would become the nominee since he had already been nominated and voted on once. It's not simple, but it is do-able," CNN Republican delegate analyst Mike Shields told CNN's Gloria Borger.

Let us revisit this again, that while all of you were working your butts off and being threatened with genocide, Mike Shields was instead with Katie Walsh setting up the RNC for a Ted Cruz 2020 for President, and once again, this was that crucial time in which the momentum for Donald Trump was building, and these people were suppressing the Trump vote.

For the record, so was Jared Kurschner in his black suppression vote, as Blacks turned out to vote for Donald Trump, and this is the group who are the most trusted inner circle of the President.


I repeat in this so this is not lost on any of you. This is what Amanda Carpenter was pushing and is pushing, and she is lap mates with Mike Shields who is Katie Walsh's fiance. This entire group is about impeaching President Trump and is why you get this endless array of Lindsey Graham and John McCain smearing the President and the Cabinet, all to weaken the President, stick you with rationed death and to impeach the President for Mike Pence, as the fact is these #NeverTrumpers are GOPleiters, and will follow anything that brings genocide to America and protects their lifestyle sucking off of all of us.

POLL: Mike Pence is now the 2020 Republican frontrunner

A Friday poll from Politico/Morning Consult found that following his performance in Tuesday's vice-presidential debate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is now the 2020 Republican frontrunner. [October 5-6, 2016]


If you think Pence is not in on this, you have missed the Trump Trans, in Pence putting in every damned insider of the GOP and Indiana mafia he can scrape off the bottom of a shoe. This is Mike Pence's intent and purpose and is why he was saying he was ready to be President in the first Hannity interview, instead of assisting President Trump.

That is what the Big Koch boy Mike Pence was about. He was going to appear Presidential, so when Pence helped sabotage Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz was suckered into blowing up the convention, that Cruz would be a pariah, and it would be all Mike Pence.

In the end, it might be that Pence's biggest accomplishment Tuesday night was to help him launch a possible presidential ticket of his own for 2020.

I desire this to soak in for all of the Cruz supporters. Amanda Carpenter if you think about it, helped Ted Cruz against Ben Carson, but destroyed his campaign deliberately by doing it. If you look at Mike Shields to Katie Walsh to Amanda Carpenter, NONE OF THEM ever wanted Ted Cruz. They wanted both Cruz and Trump gone by any means, because the stooge they were pushing all along was Mike Pence, who Big Koch was manchurianizing from the start of this, but no one wanted Mike Pence.


But a senior Cruz adviser told CNN's Sara Murray that the Texas senator's team was not pushing for the rebellion.
RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer said that several states dropped out of the demands for a roll call vote once they understood its implications.
"They submitted nine states but as people realized what was being asked of them, three of those states lacked the majority," Spicer told CNN.
Alex Willette, an RNC committeeman from the Maine delegation, confirmed that Maine was one of the states had submitted signatures and then pulled back. He said delegates said they didn't really understand what they were signing at first. Willette, who did not sign the petition, said some delegates were told that if the rules were voted down, the rules would go back to the 2012 rules, which was not accurate.
If this is the kind of brains that Steve Bannon has, then you are looking at an amoralist who will destroy the President and the Nation to gain his implosion of civilization, which is what a good DIA intelligence operative would hope for in a military fascist state.

In assessment of the Trump inner circle, Bannon is a theoretician who will use any tool for his ends. Pence is a Cassius waiting for the coup. Priebus slithers around like a worm. Katie Walsh is the conduit to the saboteurs and traitors who are the #NeverTrumpers, as Jared Kurschner and Ivanka do nothing but lather up the President to look like Obama without a tan.

But for the Grace of God protecting the President, this is a situation as Corey Lewandowski noted of all of the insiders serving themselves and not the President and as they preen, the Obama insurrectionists join with  the Bushites to bring down President Trump.