Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Donald Trump Declares War on............CANADA


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently President Donald Trump has concluded in fake intelligence that the greatest threats to America are Russia, Conservative Americans and Canada.

I do not quite get if President Trump cleared this with Ivanka as she was in Germany getting BOOED, as she gets hot over Justin Trudeau, but it is the new Trump Reality in western Canada is an evil nation, evil as North Korea and Syria.

Here is the quote:

"Canada, what they've done to our dairy farm workers, is a disgrace. It's a disgrace,” Trump said before signing a memorandum about investigation the national security implications of importing foreign steel.

The Canadians have no idea what this rant is about, but apparently this is what HR McMaster was whispering in Trump's ear about as Canada is terrorizing American dairy farm workers.

The Lame Cherry will explain this to Canada and completely confused Americans, and it has to do with Donald Trump's new found love for Mexicans. See MEXICANS ARE AMERICAN DAIRY FARM WORKERS and Donald Trump is into protecting the Mexican replacements for Americans, and this explains why he is in a fury over this.
As for what Canada is doing to dairy production is really without basis, as America runs all these factory dairies abusing milk cows, and Canada chiefly exports to America, a great deal of the fine beef which Americans eat.

Any way, this is not the end of it, as Donald Trump has seized upon the greatest threat to America, in it is not Muslim Rape Cock Terrorists, but it is Canadian Softwood.

Trade Wars Begin - Trump Announces 20% Tariff
On Canadian Softwood Lumber Imports

Alberta Warns Trump Of Retaliation If Energy Sanctions Begin

I know this sounds like Al Gore in declaring war on global warming in place of nuclear weapons, but it is certain that Donald Trump now fears softwood more than North Korean nuclear missiles or Syrian chemical weapons.
I fully expect that Ivanka will on returning from Nazi Germany will order her fleet to Hudson's Bay, and launch a Tomahawk attack on those evil treacherous bastards of Calgary as they are a threat to America, but Canadians will have nothing to fear as their jets will be taking off like Syrians in a few hours.

To clue you in, this is about creating an absolute monopoly in Americans will not cut their forests, so they spiked lumber prices 1000 percent, so house prices rose, and so taking away this 33% of Canadian forests (much of the US timber is shipped to China to create a shortage in America causing million dollar price spikes) is about making Donald Trump's big Wall Street timber richer in another illegal monopoly.

But the Truth does not matter as Canada is now a terror wood state, afflicting Mexican slave labor in abusive corporate dairies, and I just learned that publishing this blog I got charged 15% income tax and Donald Trump is going to cut my taxes to 15%.............

Somehow I feel like that horse in Animal Farm reading the worker's rights on the barn wall, and none of this is what the Trump Revolution was promised to be.

Never mind, Ivanka will be bombing Canada and we all can be elated over that.