Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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This is a historic reminder of what an absolute disgrace Paul Ryan and the House crooks have been, and how bogus it was to not place President Trump's complete legislative package, and now the onus also falls on Donald Trump in not having legislation ready, and for blaming the Freedom Caucus.

The reason for this is President Ronald Reagan, who not only did not have both houses controlled by the Republicans, as the House was controlled by one of the most powerful speakers in American history, the tough Thomas O'Neill, who held almost a 50 vote Democrat majority.


Members Voting

Democratic Party 244 56.1%

Republican Party 191 43.9%
Total 435

House of Representatives

Majority (Democratic) leadership

For those who are unfamiliar with the history, America was engulfed in the same situation as today, and yet Ronald Reagan led America, and that with the President, having been shot and in recovery.

March 30, 1981: Reagan assassination attempt

Paul Ryan has had 8 years to create legislation, and nothing has been accomplished, and yet Ronald Reagan under worse conditions by August passed the greatest tax relief in American history which set off a 30 economic prosperity for Americans.

Major legislation

I will repeat, that there is absolutely no excuse for Paul Ryan nor Donald Trump, because Rand Paul has the health care solution for Obamacare, but Ryan was busy looting the Treasury for his cronies.
As I have stated, the Reagan Economic Recovery Tax Act was already written and passed in 1981, so it is not like Sec. Munchkin had to do anything.

The fact is that the Reagan Relief could have been passed immediately, then Donald Trump could have implemented his tax plan and recovery act to build on that proven model.

None of this is genius as it is all public information, but I desired that each of you be reminded of the FACTS, and that you are being lied to and played, and President Trump has absolutely no excuse. He let Trump Trans go scorched earth on the Christians and Loyalists, so all that is left are these incompetent coup plotters led by the Kushners.

Ronald Reagan accomplished it, and kept his promises against all odds. Donald Trump has absolutely no excuse and he could have called a Special Session of Congress to fix all of this.

For the record, Tip O'Neill stymied Ronald Reagan, but Reagan reached out and asked the American People to help, to call Congress and get them to pass the legislation. Americans responded in droves and the democrats buckled and the republicans did not sabotage the President.
The difference is Ronald Reagan reached out to Americans, appealed for help, while Donald Trump decided to threaten the Freedom Caucus and follow Ivanka and her liberal policies.

President Donald Trump had a winning hand, and allowed others to sabotage it, and then with his insider leftist attacked his supporters and drove them off.

President Trump owns this and it is his responsibility. America is a government and not a board room, and the only weapon a President has is the People.

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