Sunday, April 30, 2017

Donald Trump's Peking on the Potamac

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As President Donald Trump lies so often in breaking promises, one does not know if it is Fake Donald or 2016 Donald, unless of course he is at the NRA and infringing on American rights while lying he is not, then we know that is Fake Donald.

The problem is in issues like beautiful chocolate cake in Donald Trump signed off on a policy which is treasonous in bringing about the genocide of the Western Peoples or Donald Trump is a self serving Trump Brand ignorant who has no idea what he became involved in. In either case, traitor or moron, the results are the same, and Donald Trump does not come out as nationalist, patriotic or hero.

First direct London-China train completes 7,500 mile route...

Most of you have not heard of the ONE BELT, ONE ROAD strategy, but Donald Trump agreed to it at Mar Largo in exchange for faux Chicom support in North Korea. For those who do not understand it, it is basically a Chinese shipping route and highway which reaches from Peking to Berlin, or in shipping would be most probably Amsterdam. Meaning that the dictator of China in Xi, does not just want a united Europe from Moscow to Dublin in peace and trade as President Vladimir Putin advocated, but dictator Xi is moving for a united Eurasia.
Now why Donald Trump thinks a Russian Europe is evil and a Chinese dominated Eurasia is good, is either again Donald Trump a traitor or an ignorant.

China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy was launched in 2013 and is aimed at developing infrastructure and strengthening ties between the Eurasian countries, focusing on the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road.

So you understand this, Peking in the Chinese communist are building a unified trade route from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from Peking to Berlin, and cutting out America, isolating America and strangling America, as what this Peking process will involve is lot tech wetbots or people, not robotics, in there are over 3 billion Chinese, Indians and Indonesians for a slave labor group to manufacture, matched with Russian raw resources to power this empire, and German technology to bury the United States. In short, this is exactly the "evil" which Adolf Hitler was castigated in Slavic work camp labor, Russian raw resources and German technology. Again, why is it beautiful chocolate cake to Donald Trump with dictator Xi and he can not but help piss on himself in holocaust memorials in how evil Adolf Hitler was, when what Peking is engaged in, is 1000 times more dangerous to the world, as Hitler meant to unite Europe, while Xi means to unite Eurasia and Europe to a superpower global hegemony which will eat the Americas for a snack and repopulate them afterward.

Again, is Donald Trump stupid or is Donald Trump for Trump Brand a traitor to the West?

Third, he will suggest additional ways to expand cooperation and create more U.S. jobs by concluding a bilateral investment treaty, allowing greater Chinese investment in U.S. infrastructure, having U.S. companies participate in China’s “Belt & Road” investment initiative in Asia, and loosening controls of U.S. exports of high-tech products
There is not any question after the above statement that President Donald Trump is for Trump Brand and is a traitor, as he sold America to China, as the Clintons did, and did this for market share in Wall Street Gary Cohn globalist conglomerates, filthy lucre profits on Asian slave labor, Russian balkanization and the feudal status of Europe, as the America's are designated vassal states.

That is the reality in this and no one in Donald Trump's American hating New York Times and Washington Post are even mentioning just what he signed onto with China ruling the world and wiping America out.

Why is it that the Lame Cherry is the only information source which is sounding the warning on this cartel genocide which will wipe out the Caucasian Peoples of the West, because when this 6 billion behemoth is welded together it will like a cancer eat alive North and South America.

Perhaps you should understand this as Donald Trump legalizes all the Obama invaders and is pouring in more Muslims, Mexicans and Chinese to replace you.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater.