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The Cold War Weapon's Gap

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There have always been the Soros Obama community organized activists in their fake Nobel Peace Prizes and Faux Pax, who so taint the pool of knowledge concerning nuclear weapons umbrellas, because the US Pentagon will never admit, nor her proud military, not the military industrial trillion dollar complex refute that nuclear weapons have saved Americans from hundreds of millions of Americans dead, because the military industrial complex churns out genocidal weapons against the American people, as they are worthless.

Such was the period in the window of the late 1960's to the mid 1970's, when the United States Airforce, was transitioning between the F 105 to the F 4 as it was known in Naval circles or the Phantom on Air Force circles.

It is difficult to write this, because so many Americans were made prisoners of war and killed in Vietnam, because of absolute incompetence by the Military Industrial Complex. A story which few people know, but needs to be understood in the dangerous times the world inherited from Birther Hussein Obama.

The F 4 appeared in Vietnam, and with the crazy rules of LACK OF ENGAGEMENT, which was a genesis of the Obama rules against terrorists which got American Soldiers slaughtered, to the inadequacies of the F 4, America and Europe should have been invaded by the Soviet Union, as the B 52 carpet bombing, would not have stopped the superior number of Russian MIG's and T 52 and 72 tanks.

It will surprise the Moon Shot Race, that the F 4 did not have a cannon or gun to shoot at MIG's. It was all high tech missiles in the "Sparrow" and the "Sidewinder". The sparrow is a radar lock missile and sidewinder is heat seeking.
The problem for the AIM or Sparrow's is in Vietnam, that the electronics were so delicate, that they jammed. The problem with the Sparrow is it had a too close to target so it would not arm and lock. The problem with the Sparrow was that on the F 4, it frequently stayed in the pod on the aircraft when fired. The problem with the Sparrow is that it often failed to acquire the target after launch. The problem with the Sparrow is that it often failed to arm or detonate when fired. The problem with the Sparrow is that in Vietnam it was all military pilots had, and it had a "kill ratio" of around 15%.
US Pilots might as well have been throwing rocks for as good as they were armed.

Added to this, as Pilots shipped out of their rotational tours in country, none of the Pilots were trained in tactics in the F 4 or what to do with these worthless complicated missiles. The Sparrow was probably the genesis of the Los Angeles Police Force in spray n pray, in emptying your gun and hoping an officer hit something, because in numbers of cases Pilots would just fire all their missiles and hope something hit a MIG.

Into this entered the F 4 Phantom, one of those inventions meant to be everything and it was nothing. It was supposed to be dual role in a fighter bomber. The problems were that its engines smoked, it drank gas like a camel coming out of the desert for a year, it was big and heavy, which meant it was slow, and it required a pilot and a weapon's officer, to make sense of all of those damned electronics squawking all the time.
Pilots literally started turning some systems off so they could think.

It was not until 1972 at the end of the Vietnam War, that pilots had complained enough, that a nose cannon appeared on the fighter bomber. That asset would have saved many American lives, but the caveat in this, was that it only had enough ammo for perhaps 3, three second bursts.

This ridiculous situation expanded as the F 4 was called into "escort" duty, as the F 4 had radar evading protocols in one flight, a cover flight to cover the sitting targets, and then a bomber flight of F 4's, all of whom had auxiliary tanks under their frames with bombs and missiles, which required slow speeds and level flying to detach them, and then it was a matter of a small flight window over theater due to fuel consumption before bingo alert was heard, and the F 4's either had to find a tanker to guzzle from or head back to base before crashing.

The F 4 was the jet the Luftwaffe maintained as a front line aircraft into the 1980's, in opting for advanced electronics. It simply was a no line of defense against the Soviets and Warsaw Pac.

As in all horrid things, which is what Vietnam taught the Americans who flew planes, the F 4 produced the star of fighters in the superb, F 15 Eagle, one of the best dual role combat aircraft ever engineered out of General Dynamics. Thee only superior craft was the F 16 which readily scorched the skies and fittingly the next generation Sparrows and Sidewinders caught up with the technology, and proved effective.
Yet it would not be until the Gulf War in the jdam, an electronic guided iron bomb which flew to target, that the American fighter bomber actually became a productive piece of warfare.
The F 4 was a craft with old iron bombs or LORAN which was more a matter of Pilots figuring out, that at various heights they attacked from 15% angle for bombs to hit their targets, as it was the Pilots making up for the horrid design of the F 4.

This is why the importance of nuclear weapons in deterring war to save hundreds of millions of American lives matters, because of the gaps in systems of warfare which often appear in American arsenals, the only determent is a dirty nuclear warhead, making it unattractive for those in bunkers to attack the Americans.

That is the history of the weapon's gap in American aircraft at the height of the Cold War.

As one can read, this aircraft simply refused to be scrapped.

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