Monday, April 24, 2017

Helping Homo Hannity Out

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hate it when Sean Homo Hannity acts fag or worse yet like a girl.

What I mean by this is, he started his radio show talking about some bitch slap party online where some chic slapped him and he slapped her down. It was only when he mentioned about gouging people in his road shows, that I knew he was talking about Debbie Schleuessel, who honestly no one knows.

So Hannity got smeared in something about talking about pant sizes or how big of ass Debbie had or has. Now Hannity hired the best attorneys, which I believe would be Jews as Archie Bunker says Jews are savage attorneys or he said Heebs were and they are one and the same, and this is going to court as Hannity is not going to stand for being smeared anymore.

(Perhaps he should look to Bill O'Reilly being a bastard to people and Uncle Roger getting his dick sucked for jobs in weakening the faux Conservative brand as the problem, which has now moved onto Hannity in why he was sex blitzed to get him out of FOX)

Anyway here are the headlines and the punchline below:

Fox News Guest Denies Sean Hannity Harassed Her | Variety

Debbie Schlussel, a conservative commentator, says that she does not believe that an incident in which she claims she turned down Sean Hannity's advances ...

So the Debs is now backing off being attorneys are on the case.

The problem for Sean Hannity is not Debs Schleussel, but the wives of his employers. See Exhibit 1 and 1.

This would be Lachlan and Blow Dry Murdoch

See exhibit 2 and 2.

This would be Wet Dry and Jimmy Murdoch

See the Murdoch blondes, the daughter in law of Rupert Murdoch are what is behind the cleansing of FOX from O'Reilly. They are going to make FOX into CNN or better Rachell Maddow for 24/7 and that means no fag boys like Hannity around.

See Wet and Blow hate everything Trump, Hannity and American. Here is exhibit 3 and 3.


See kind of bitchy like Ivanka Trumpenfuror on the rag and not having their fag comrade Justine  Trudeau douche for the day. Quite Jew hating too with that JARVANKA, but then the Oz Jew mafia preferring to be ruled by the New Jersey slum lord Jew mafia of Kushner just shows how much she hates Caucasian Bannon and that means Caucasian Hannity, who she employs.

See Hannity does not understand as he says he has a contract..........that Kathryn and Sarah could withhold their Mexican green card sex from their husbands until they do this to Sean Hannity:

Put Hannity on twice a day at 3 AM and at 2 PM, so it would wear his ass out and he would have to decide to do radio or television.

Wet and Blow could also remove Hannity from the line up, and keep paying him the money. In that Hannity would be off television for years in an effective silencing of him.

Now that this reality is out there, maybe Homo should have taken good advice and put all of his mic heads into a syndicate and started Hannity Television, but Homo Hannity was too busy promoting sodomy.

The Lame Cherry would like to give some advice to Homo Hannity, and it is this. Homo should send his lawyers out to not sue Debs, as she is not his problem. Homo should instead have his lawyers file a BREACH OF VERBAL CONTRACT against President Trump for lying to that Mother about ending DACA as her baby was murdered by Mexicans with a car.
It would be a lively case Mark Levin could argue, because when a politician promises something it should hold the same weight as a businessman in verbal contract.

Hannity is not being invited to the White House anyway, as Trump hates his Hannity ass too, so why not do something for America, as I am certain Linda would appreciate this as she is a brilliant Producer, and it would provide a bulwark against the Murdoch wives who are the ones behind all of the upheaval at FOX.

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