Monday, April 24, 2017

To Govern Justly With Him,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/18rwoksyai2p3jpg.jpg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I realize how most of you are upset, either with the exclusives exposing the broken promises of President Trump in your just wanting some peace or are very upset over the betrayal and humiliation the President has heaped upon those who  trusted him, and it is in this, that the Lame Cherry posts this for each of you as I do care about you, and the first thing you have to remember is that you do not act out and get yourself into trouble, in being frustrated.
The last thing you want is the Secret Service or Homeland on your doorstep, interviewing you or arresting you. There is enough problem in this world without threatening people and shattering your lives.

Each of you by God's Grace have God in your lives, and God is noting everything which has been done in His Name, and God will balance the scales in God's Way.

I know that God seems like an empty promise, but the same God Who kept Jeb and Hillary out of office is the same God Who provided each of you the opportunity to prove you are Christs and not another false messiah's.

For most of you, you do not remember the 1990's in how Bill Clinton broke his promises too, to people who voted for him. What took place was Bill Clinton humiliated in  the midterms and having to sign Gingrich's Contract with America, which was Conservative.

Concerning Mr. Trump, the public will have to be educated again that they now have someone New York Valued who trades on his voters for Trump Brand, listens to liberal Ivanka and Jared, dines with John McCain, does not keep his promises and believes he can sucker each of you to follow along if he poses for a picture with Sarah Palin.
For those upset with what is published here, I am not going to support anyone in the White House who is implementing Obama's 3rd term as I swore off that after Bush fam in making excuses. America had one last opportunity and Trump was the only nag we had to ride out of the Obama Abyss.......we got out, and now the nag tried to drab us back into the abyss. I am not staying on this horse.

There is legal process in this, meaning none of us are going to get into trouble and we will obey the laws. In those laws though we will expose all the things the President is involved in, which have already crippled him politically. We know this a fake polls show Donald is cheered in all he does, when that is an absolute lie, just as in 2016 the polls went against him. All of Mr. Trump's problems disappeared when he bombed Syria and began war with Russia, as that is where the money will be made and Russia looted.
That is not Christian and I will not prey upon Christians Russia for the moneychangers.

The legal process is to expose this Trump agenda, and it will bring him to ruin, and he will have to begin throwing us crusts of bread so we get a few things, as we are replaced by Trump legalized foreigners in the American Genocide.

I would that things were better for us as that is what I intended when I built this time line, but we are a hearty race of Israelite Joseph and have travailed thousands of years since our exile from the Promised Land, and across Eurasia to America. In the exile, only 1 in 10 survived God's Judgement, and He sowed us to almost half a billion souls. We will survive.

As you believe in the Bible, know that wars and great war is coming, as much as great calamities which will destroy a great deal of life. Look to Christ and know that the same foreigners who Mr. Trump is continuing to infest America with, are as Pat Buchanan states able to walk home to Latin America, and once bombs start falling and invasions come, this brown streak will flee south and the other skins will do as they always do in huddling in their destitution and await for allah to prove the moon demon prefers them dead.

I believe most of you will survive to witness these things, because you are of American stock and you are survivors.

As for the Trump Brand exploiting all of you as sheep to be sheared. Just wait until the people become educated about this, amplified by the war policies and broken promises of the President, and then observe how fast the Trump Brand becomes the Benedict Arnold Brand in they could not give free hotel rooms away.

Watch for tomorrow's exclusive in more information to nauseate you and put the pieces together for another "oh shit" moment to stun you. I will repeat God is in command, and He has recorded all of this and God will balance the scales, so you behave yourselves and be look to the things you enjoy, as you have not betrayed anyone, have not lied to anyone, and are not supping with traitor John McCain.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but Christ's Word will never depart.

This is the beginning, you know how it ends in Christ's return. You are guilty of nothing and are an honorable People who are Faithful. Just be patient with God and events will pile events as what is being engaged in is nothing God is going to bless.

Your job is to stay with God. Mind yourselves and that minds your homes, so you do not get into trouble by acting out.

China is playing Donald Trump for the fool he is. Donald Trump has made a forever enemy of Russia. Europe is sloven cesspool, awaiting the anti Christ of world war. America is the land of Goshen and suffers now this Jehu. Everything will sort out, but this much upheaval brings tribulation and it will have to burn itself out like an epileptic seizure.

None of this is worth getting worked up over or getting into conflict. You are though worth it to God, so accept God's Peace and laugh at the lunacy as the chaos will bring itself to it's own ending.

Then you will either have your country back, or Christ returns and you will be with Him in the Promised land among orchards and streams of fish, governing justly with Him.

You have a right to be upset, but do not let it overcome you. Trust in Christ Who is not going to break a promise to you and live in that Peace, and just let the world go with all of it's consumptive force as that is where this wind is blowing.
Simply look forward to that time when you will have your dream and build those dreams there in the future where you will be living in peace.

There is always a morning after, the mourning, so you live for that day.

- Lame Cherry

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