Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ivanka Trump Business The Old Fashioned Way

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There seems to be a reality that Ivanka Trump wants to take credit for womanhood in this world and place her name on every astronaut accomplishment to championing little girls over those successfully evil little boys. In that, I wonder of the hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump in she has a reality of going to Germany with Frau Merkel to promote women working, but what kind of work does Ivanka Trump champion.

Because as North Korea is now a Trump focus, there is the reality that President Trump's beautiful chocolate cake relationship with terror leader President Xi of China, that China is the greatest vaginal rapist of North Korean women in one of the most disgusting human sex trades on the planet. Somehow though Ivanka Trump has nothing to say or pose for pictures over on this issue.

One wonders why Ivanka Trump Kushner has absolutely no problems with China gang raping North Korean women in selling their vaginas for Chinese abuse.

Kushners May Get $400 Million From Chinese on Tower - Bloomberg

... stands to receive more than $400 million from a prominent Chinese company that ... Bloomberg quickly and ... Kushner Family to Get $400 Million ...

Then again maybe Ivanka Trump's silence on women has to do with her slave labor exploitation of these same Asian women for Trump Brand.

“Workers at one Chinese footwear factory that, according to US customs data available on the ImportGenius database, has made more than 130,000 pounds of Ivanka Trump-brand shoes, describe being subjected to an array of workplace indignities, some that would potentially qualify as violations of local labor law. Workers say that the factory, Xuankai Footwear Ltd., located in the Houjie area of Dongguan in China’s Pearl River Delta, required them to work lengthy shifts stretching up to 16 hours that tested and exceeded the limits of human endurance. Some workers also allege that the factory paid illegally low overtime rates and systematically delayed wage payments.
“’I couldn’t do it,’ said one 26-year-old worker, who had been previously employed in several other Houjie shoe factories but said he quit after mere hours at Xuankai. ‘I was too scared.'”

Then again, Ivanka Trump is an globalist exploiter in she likes not only championing the Asian sex trade in her dealings, but she deals with those who are bringing back the African slave trade.

Ivanka Trump’s Shoe Factory Is Moving From China To Ethiopia Because Labor Costs There Are Much Cheaper

Again, what ever could be the reason that this feminist, West Wing Cabal leader of leftist Trump leanings, the bomber of Syria, the antagonist against little boys for little girls, just does not have any poses or things to say when it comes to her financial enterprises when they rape and enslave women.