Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump Menu Now Serving You

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As President Donald Trump attempts to produce an excuse of keeping his promises that got him elected, a glaring reality is appearing in this as the Conservative Treehouse terms Donald Trump as Nazi in being a Magnificent Bastard like Rommel, that Donald Trump has a knack of promising things like a new house, but when you check in back after the deal is done, you find your new house is a Hollywood lot house in only the front exists.

There is pattern emerging in this, in Donald Trump throws crumbs to his followers, while doing window dressing nothingness, as the main agenda is cementing the Obama legacy.

Obamacare, became Obamacare 2.0 and is now Obamacare 3.0, which is nothing but rationed death yet, with the Ryan mandate that you pay insurance companies that Rand Paul stated had  15 billion dollar profit last year.......more money, so the Chamber of Commerce billionaires do not have to provide insurance to 6 figure salary rich employees.

Sure Donald Trump is in the process of Repeal and Replace, but this is not the tar baby Americans ever intended to vote for.

Then there is the epic tax plan. Here is a list of winners and losers.....and you will probably see a pattern here in everything Donald Trump does is about Trump Brand, in other words it all profits the Trump fam.
You will notice in this list that the American People are not addressed in the least.


Businesses with high tax rates.
High-income earners.
People with creative accountants.
Multimillionaires who want to pass money to their heirs tax-free.
People who still fill out their tax returns by hand.
Retailers and other companies that feared a “border adjustment tax.” 
Donald J. Trump.


Upper-middle-income people in blue states.
Deficit hawks. 
People who want Congress to pass something for permanent tax relief

So in review, we have Donald Trump cementing Obamacare, making the HHS Secretary a Czar who will under Hillary Clinton bring back all of Obamacare and install single payer for national rationed death, and a tax package which does not in Gary Cohn policy benefit Americans, but rewards Chamber of Commerce oligarchs so they can hire more of these legalized Trump invaders which Mr. Trump is pouring into America to replace Americans.

So the shell game in this is Donald Trump will get a win on Obamacare 3.0 as Americans know they are screwed and nothing is going to change, and then Donald Trump will reward his Muslim and Jesuit rape cock businesses, all to build to the trifecta in this, Donald Trump's Carbon Tax, which is again breaking his word in staying in the Paris Climate Change, because carbon tax is a way of destroying small business people so the robotic conglomerates can rule the entire world.

The latest word on the administration's stance came from Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who said Tuesday he would not advise Trump to abandon the deal but rather renegotiate it.
That statement aligned Perry, the former governor of Texas, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who formerly headed ExxonMobil and has spoken in favor of honoring the US commitment to the Paris deal, struck in 2015 and signed by more than 190 countries.
Trump's daughter Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner -- who both serve as his advisors -- are also said to be in favor of the deal.

Basically the above is Bush fam Texas in Perry and Tillerson who are in charge of his globalism to destroy America completely, and the Kushner mafia of Jewish finance who will do the bookkeeping for the oligarch bankers of the West.

What each of you is going to understand by shock rape to your reality is like the idiot who married a foreigner in America, who promised to love, honor and cherish you, until they got you home as they did all that, but then surprised you by beating you with a broom, sent you on the streets to be a whore, after they had you enslaved working at the rag trade for 15 hours every day.

What your ideas in your mind of being honest and expecting a car that runs at the used car dealer, is not the car Donald Trump will sell you that they dragged out of a Mississippi river, after a car crash, and the dealer polished up with wax.

For those who hold out hope, Donald Trump lied to the DACA Mom. Donald Trump lied to Vladimir Putin about peace. Donald Trump lied to Americans about naming China a rogue currency. Donald Trump has a proven record now, that when enough money is involved with Jewish finance in profits from the Chamber of Commerce, and it benefits Trump fam, he will bomb Syria with missiles he owns stock in to he will protect China for their 400 million dollar bribes to the Kushners.

Donald Trump's idea of keeping his promises and his word, is probably the same Donald that Fred Trump sent away to military school to beat his ass to keep his word. The problem is Donald Trump simply learned to be more clever in watching his father being a slum lord in how to extricate money from poor people.
That is why the Kushner's get along so well with Donald Trump as being a slum lord is in his genes. It is why Don and Eric's main goal in taking advantage of the Trump policy for Trump Brand is to see how not to enrich Americans in Trump voting states, but to produce an inferior brand like Ivanka's fake jewel line for the poor, to con people out of their money for patriotism, as the children of Ivana Trump are all slum lord oriented too.

When all is said and done in this, each of you are going to be alot older, alot more stressed, alot more closer to the grim reaper and have alot more foreigners shoving you out of the way as you are the minority in Trump America.

It is time to get off this Trump horse and run for your lives away from the abyss he is leading you into. The sooner you conclude what is obvious now, is the sooner you can evolve to figuring out how to survive and not end up the main course in some Mexican's taco or Muslims couscous.

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