Friday, April 28, 2017

Ivankocksuker Kushner

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For some reason, when this popular girl witnessed Ivanka Trump in Germany being booed and hissed at, my first thought was that she was just as feckless as Jimmy Carter being ridiculed by Mexicans, and sitting there and taking it, instead of telling them to go to hell and getting up and walking out.........and that Ivanka Trump is a cocksucker.

For some reason cocksucker and Ivanka Kushner never come to mind, as I watch Jared Kushner trail around behind her being IVANKUCKED and they way Donald Trump listens to Ivanka like she is a penis doing the thinking for him in his pants.

Considering the creatures that Ivanka was being prostituted by, and Ivanka was being prostituted by these Frau Dykes in Berlin, as everyone to the last crew cut on the BBC uttered the same thing in, "YOU GET TO DONALD TRUMP BY GETTING TO HIS DAUGHTER".

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That Berlin event on European women turning Ivanka into a whore for their purposes, really is a disgusting thing, but what captured American media was some Jesse Watters on FOX saying that Ivanka was a cocksucker or something about DJ's, which I do not care about, as this is about the two points in Ivanka Kushner in a foreign country humiliated herself, her father and America, and she was pleased to be a whore for world feminism, as long as she got on stage.

Cocksucking though does not come to mind, as I could not imagine any cock daring to get at the mouth of Angela Merkel or that other thing as they all look like they take HIV drugs.

That just made me want to puke, along with the 1950's curtains that Ivanka was sporting as a fashion statement.

Women though seem to appreciate over at FOX Jesse Watters bulge and his show.

 Not many men can get two women raising their legs and one looking down thinking about that bit package.

This though is about Ivanka and not cock size.

It must be hard or limp for Jared Kushner to have a cock which his wife does not longingly contemplate like she does other men.

No one though should jump to the conclusion that Ivanka Trump was thinking about sucking Justin Trudeau's communist penis, because what if Ivanka is a Katie Walsh kind of strap on girl? Fetishes what they are and who are we to judge as Donald Trump like grabbing pussy, as we all know that women just love that.

No what if Ivanka was contemplating how she would like to IVANKUCK Justin Trudeau, something about his getting hard and wet, looking at the leader of Canada (OK I know Canada is kind of nothing to get wet over, but maybe some women like weak men they can cuckold, as powerful men like Vladimir Putin would unleash passions in them which would have them getting his slippers and lighting his cigar...maybe even calling him daddy, like that little FOX sportsgal was calling that hunky Sean Hannity.)

Can't you just see Ivanka's wheels turning in all the things she would like to perform so Justin could just look and not touch.

So I never think of Ivanka Trump as a cocksucker, because it is hard to get that impression when she surrounds herself with cucks to watch her perform and likes getting her S & M on stage in Berlin with Fraud Dykes, mic whipping her father into submission, because Ivanka can not.

You do realize there is a pattern in this right, that Ivanka seeks out situations where she knows she is going to be humiliated in public and her father in bondage to ridicule. It is a pattern and Berlin was the last example of it, with the new addition after the Kushner's sold her for 400 million dollars to the Chicoms for influence with Donald Trump, that Ivanka appears to be trying out the prostitution role in game play.

I can understand forensic psychology of  males with big cocks wanting to make a prissy bitch do an interview with their mic as that diagnosis is simple, but I could never make the forensic psychological profile that Ivanka Trump is a cocksucker, as the indications of what she seeks out, cucks her father and husband, all reveal the model who likes an audience, but no one gets to touch and they only get to watch.

So much made of a male calling Ivanka a cocksucker, but did anyone notice the brothel fraus beaming over their new little whore and the S & M that went on in Berlin, or is it when women do it on stage it is acceptable in this Trump Tower age.

The President is really getting a whole lot more with his West Wing Cabal Adviser.

PS: Did you notice Kushner media is pushing back in trying to make Ivanka a victim and yet the powerful woman at the same time.  Such the dominatrix profile. One wonders who chose that.

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