Friday, April 28, 2017

No longer Income Tax it is The Doncom Tax

As as another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump is a President that once he gets on a roll, there is just no stopping him, but the problem is he is on a roll of lying and cheating the voters who elected him by God's Grace, from threatening the Conservative Caucus, DACA to the latest in what is now affectionately known as the DONCOM TAX as the President is replacing the Income Tax from our friends at the IRS.

The thing is it took some time to find the exact new Trump Income Tax, as I heard it reported on the radio, as for some reason this latest beautiful chocolate cake "negotiating deal", that the Donald Trump Income Tax was reported that COUPLES WHO EARN 25,000 DOLLARS WILL PAY NO INCOME TAX.

The generosity of millionaires and billionaires is something which knows no bounds in President Trump, Sec. Munchkin and Gary Cohn. Here is the quote from Yahoo finance.

What President Trump's New Tax Plan Might Mean for Consumers
21 hours ago - If President Trump gets his way, individuals and families could benefit financially ... "A married couple with $25,000 in taxable income (assuming no kids and no ...

The problem is, unlike the radio, I actually read the report, and in it you soon enough learn that a couple earning below POVERTY LEVELS, as poverty was 27,000 dollars, ARE STILL TAXED as in having to PAY INCOME TAXES JUST LIKE OBAMA.

 "A married couple with $25,000 in taxable income (assuming no kids and no earned income credit), might see a reduction of $2,800 or so, which would be really significant at that level of income. That would be a stimulus to the economy, since it would probably all get spent,” Ordeneaux said.

The thing is why this matters, is candidate Donald Trump for 2 years told everyone that Americans earning under 50,000 dollars a year would not pay any income taxes. I know this because the President promised  this, Jeff Rense made it a selling point to vote for Donald Trump, and countless news outlets reported it,  and it is the reason the majority of poor people voted for Donald Trump and by God's Grace made him President.

Trump tax plan met with mixed reviews | Fox News

... earning less than $50,000. ... States after paying a one-time tax of 10 percent. Trump said the plan ... would not pay taxes on income under $ ...

Trump proposes to help average Americans by nearly quadrupling the standard tax deduction from $6,300 to $25,000 for individuals and from $12,600 to $50,000 for couples. Single people earning less than $25,000 and spouses making less than $50,000, or some 75 million Americans, would pay zero federal income tax.

See I thought it was horrid that Donald Trump lied to everyone about that 50,000 dollar not paying income taxes, in dropping it to below poverty level of 25,000 dollars, but then I read the actual report and Donald Trump is still going to economically rape the poor in America, just like every other leader has.

Election 2016: Trump's tax plan would help the poorest ...

Donald Trump's tax plan would help the poorest Americans. ... single people making less than $25,000 a year and married couples earning ... Income tax kicks in Trump ...

Seriously, just a few days ago the Lame Cherry warned all of you, that Trump Tax was a fraud, and you were all going to be screwed over.

Trump Menu Now Serving You

And sure enough, the Lame Cherry proven absolutely right again.

I have never understood those reports about most people who are poor do not pay income tax, because in my IRS tax schedules it says if I earn like 100 dollars, I get taxed. Now maybe everyone else gets some other tax forms, but this popular girl has been getting one for years that says if the scent of a George Washington currency event is in the same planet I am getting taxed on it.

Granted I have compassion on Sean Hannity, like he is paid 20 million dollars a year, so with all his taxes he pays something like 63% he was staying, so that is grande bucks at writing checks out at over 12 million a year, but like he has been doing this 30 years, and he has 7 million and change in his account every year.
I mean that is not like poverty penis and the wife, clitty cash strapped having 7 dollars left to pay the bills for the year, after Trump Tax.
The thing is Hannity was still whining about when he retires he is not getting social security. I mean what are beans and wieners going for in Long Island, two hundred thousand dollars a pound.

So sure I would be upset in big tax bills, and rich people should not be paying that much, but blessed whatever, economically raping poor people who are your audience or voting for you, is not going to make that 12 million come back.

The facts are now that the poor in America are not even a negotiating point, meaning your not paying taxes is not even in the Gary Cohn and Steven Munchkin plan that is Doncom Tax. The starting point is poor people are going to pay taxes and pay more taxes once this goes through Congress.

I really do not know how this changed from what the Lame Cherry posted in 3 tax brackets FOR RICH PEOPLE, and people earning under 50,000 dollars pay nothing. Now it is the fact that COUPLES, meaning 12,500 dollars in income is what is being taxed, and the IRS level under Obama was around 14,000 dollars, so Americans under Trump are losing ground.

For those who continue to support this West Wing Cabal, that is your delusion to do so, but something is very wrong, when poor people in America are in more jeopardy under Trump, than when they were under Obama, and the tax rape we had under George W. Bush seems like an oasis now.

Those are the facts as apparently fake radio and the censor media are not telling you the facts of the Doncom Tax.

Oh and this is a record of Donald Trump lying and breaking his promise again, so that Trump Brand will profit more billions, as you rednecks stay in Trump Motortels pretending that you are at the gold plated hotels as you were Ivanka costume jewelry.

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