Friday, April 21, 2017

Lessons in Bill O'Reilly's Money Shots

Chetry spells M O N E Y

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to clue you in, in the behind the scenes whoring which takes place in media as it is viewed from the Bill O'Reilly factor.

See what got O'Reilly into trouble was he is he treats people badly. See you can tell some Negress "Brown sugar how would you like to make my Sugar Daddy wet", and she will coo and laugh, and keep coming back for more and actually do it, if you con a woman you care. That was O'Reilly's problem in people knew he never cared, so when he tells some frumper she is "hot chocolate" she is offended as it is a joke to O'Reilly and she wanted Bill to get some.

Women like thinking that it is their idea to be a whore, because then it is a rewarding experience. When a man like O'Reilly has to lay out the deal, then it all sounds so tawdry.

Now for a lesson in FOX media and women who are employed there.

Everything you see on television is based on masturbation, as no one listens to damn things even The View hags are saying, and that is only for a moment so they can say they hate someone as they change their lezbo batteries.
It is all like Playboy in people pretend they read the articles, but it is about stroking.

Here  are  some visual aids.

First up is Bill O'Reilly, in the two outside women are showing their wears to Bill with promises of things if Bill shows his appreciation. It really rewards Bill and leaves the viewers pissed off as they are not getting the crotch shots of the two outside babes.
The one on the right is really bad for ratings. Viewers hate women with their hands on their knees or pulling their dresses down, acting all prude. A director can hear the basement underwear crowd ranting, "Take your fucking hands off your knees you bitch!!!".
Hear that enough and you get to direct monkeys in the zoo.

You really want an active woman if you are producing, one that tempts, crosses her legs and knows how to give the money shot. Smart girls reward their viewers and that is who gets the ratings. You want those balls swelled and clits dripping so when the big finish comes in the big high leg cross, that the viewers just cum, cum, cum.

See here is a good view which pleases the Murdochs, producers, directors and makes ratings.

This Kirsten Powers is one of the women saying Bill O'Reilly is a wanker. You can see this prude has everyone listening to Sean Hannity as they start looking at their watches wondering if Ginger is on in Gilligan Island reruns. Nothing is worse than  Gramma cloth and morgue colors. You can't make ratings in fag boys jerking off to Sean Hannity alone.

Here we got some good FOX being friendly. The problem is they are all in black, not that attractive and no one is in fantasy about their lips playing the flute. Mannequins blow ratings as you just can not bank on Megs Kelley had only the lezbo who liked butch and the limp boys who like bitchy women to make them watch them have sex.
Viewers just do not stroke to women who look uncomfortable with being prostitutes.

Some girls SUYT, or show us your tits. Yes it gets attention, but it never pulls that dick out the pants for that long hard cum to keep the viewer stroking for ratings. It is just more of a play thing in warming up for channel surfing.

Then you got the Penthouse or gag reflex shot, of the crotch shot, as this is not what the networks want. You want the money shot, not the whole vault opened up and Dillinger making a withdrawal. That is pure danger zone and gets the channel changed, as you just can't explain that away with a blanky on your legs when the parents walk in.
Uncle Roger apparently liked that nasty stuff.  Probably liked Ashley Judd too.

So now you know what rich Bill O'Reilly went through, and what producers and directors go through every day, in they got to tell women to whore it up, but so they do not get sued, and the smart women know they have to put out, like the men who have it easy as Shep Smith is for the gerbil crowd as Rachel Maddow has her impact for fetish for retard ratings.

Bill O'Reilly just had to make the women think he cared about them, and that the boys at FOX if they helped out would get the sloppy seconds. When you are a prick, sure you get sex, but you get alot more by pretending you care about people.
Look Sean Hannity spends his millions to get his staff to like him. Hell his producer tells him when to take a shower. That Linda is top notch on the money train, and Hannity can say anything to her.

So any way, that is your cheap seats lesson, as to how the business works and how all of these women and men are acting shocked and prudish when everyone knows what is taking place, as everyone can not be Charlie Rose, pretending his low ratings program is about information people care about........when everyone knows it is a cock and cunt tease program to in PBS mind porn of revealing the gossip that is top secret.

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