Friday, April 21, 2017

How America Learned To Love Beautiful Chocolate Cake

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry must apologize in I simply was not as farsighted as Jared Kushner, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Ivanka Trump, Paul Ryan and HR McMaster. See in my simply non Trump Brand rural folk honesty, I just did not understand that by all the plotting against Donald Trump and all the fake new, fake intelligence keeping us all in rationed death, non wall building, no tax relief and bringing on nuclear world  war, that all of these farsighted gentle people were really going about fulfilling Donald Trump's promises and that rascal Kim Jong Un was the best legislative whip in American history.

See it all comes down to the hydrogen bomb, which Kim Jong Un has, well more specific a hydrogen cobalt bomb, mounted on an ICBM, which is the Trump promise come true in ending rationed death, ending the invasion of America, the employment problem, ending the tax problem, the entitlement problem, the welfare problem, the opposition problem........just every problem and fulfilling every promise of Donald Trump.

Yes you too will learn to love the bomb and appreciate the best ally of the Kushner's policies for America.

Enter exhibit one.

Here we have North Korea on the right and America on the left, and that nice red arc is a Kim Jong Un ballistic missile rising to the heavens and falling to the place where everyone left their heart in San Francisco.

I realize this does not look like much, but this is the stuff that dreams are made of as only those smart people could ever figure out.

Here let me show you in the next exhibit.

OK this is Kim's bomb, hydrogen bomb, and the beginning of the stuff that dreams are made of in promises fulfilled. I realize that it does not look like much, but thanks to Tim Rifat in his farsighted visions of war and tie lord machinations, let us add some spice to this Kim dish.

What do you think if President Xi of China, while making promises to President Donald Trump, happened to be colluding with Kim Jong Un, and sold Kim like a few tons of cobalt, loaded them on Cosco containers, offloaded them at San Francisco and scattered containers over ground zero, so when that Kim bomb went off, it would turn all of that cobalt 59 to cobalt 60 and lift it in beautiful chocolate cake type plumes to the heavens.

I realize this chocolate cake stuff is lost on most of you as you are not Tim Rifat or Jared Kushner. So once tons of that cobalt 59 is like water into wine, to cobalt 60, beautiful plumes of radioactive dust which have a toxic half life of 5 years.
Observe what the radioactive fallout would accomplish.

Yes it sort of looks like a Mexican insecticide bomb. All of southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, most of Texas, all of Mexico, Latin American and everything in northwest South America cleansed.

Do not you see now how this all works out like the smart people envision this. Wonderful population reduction in the American west. No more foreigners as that will scare them all out of America. No more Mexico so no more Mexicans. No more Latin America, so no  more latins......the ultimate Trump Wall. If there is a luck wind, Venezuela ceases to be a socialist problem too.
Crop 100 million Americans, and everything is affordable in cutting all that government spending. A little plume cloud and not more worry about taxes as death was certain. All those dead means jobs opening up so full employment.

Amazingly just a few pounds of rare earth elements, a common hydrogen which is everywhere, Chinese intrigue.......again everywhere, and Kim Jong Un fulfilling every Trump promise that even Paul Ryan can not stop and fulfilling every Kushner bank account.

Now how this will deal with Russia and China, I simply am not that intelligent to know.

Someday there will be newspapers and movies heralding this creation as it always does for heroes, all of our heroes.
Yes we  will get everything we wanted and more. It simply will not come from Congress as we are in  congress with a new type of legislation, but really it is old in Nero fiddling while Rome burned or FDR flicking his  ashes over Pearl Harbor for the greater vision that men are not self governing, but governed instead by their flaming hearts that serve an empire which needs not promises nor leaders, it only requires events, for that is the stuff that dreams are made of.

"I killed a man and I liked it. I killed more and liked it more".

Lawrence of Arabia