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There has been a most disturbing bit of information which has arisen in the press, concerning National Security Advisor HR McMaster and Ivanka Trump's co conspirator in Tomahawk salvos in Syria, and that is there was nothing but Twitter evidence for the bombing of Syria, and it was not until after the bombing, that the entire National Security Council produced a fake intelligence report, as ludicrous as the Pissgate Dossier, and the individual responsible for compiling this fraudulent report was HR McMaster.

The Trump Administration’s Syria Gas Attack Narrative Continues to Unravel

In order to cover up the lack of intelligence to supporting the president’s action, the National Security Council produced a fraudulent intelligence report on April 11 four days later. The individual responsible for this report was Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor.

In forensic psychology, when a decision is made as in bombing Syria, a male would assemble evidence in order to prove the need for bombing, as in John Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis. In Mr. Trump's case, the Ivanka Decision was made to bomb Syria based on fake news planted by John McCain terrorists, and then after the fact in feminine mind construct, "reasons for bombing" were constructed in order to shore up the corrupt, criminal and dangerous decision which was made.

If one examines this past week at the White House, HR McMaster has dominated Mr. Trump's afternoons, and this is disturbing, considering the McMastegate cover up, where this advisor produced a dossier of fake intelligence to cover up for an act of war based on fake intelligence.

McMaster is the source for this Russophobic insanity which has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and it began in January and has digressed into a sheer lunacy whereby we now have a Kushnerian Psychosis running the West Wing, of "EVERYTHING RUSSIA BAD. EVERYTHING TERRORIST CHINA GOOD.

Cernovich --- "H. R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence ...

... McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump, Cernovich Media can now report. McMaster is ... in Syria, as McMaster is ...
Do not forget in any of this that is was McMaster who tried to get Ezra Cohen Watnick for protecting President Trump and forwarding information to Rep. Devin Nunes, which proved the criminal conspiracy of the Obama coup plotters against the Trump Administration all through 2016.

H.R. McMaster and things that make you go hmmmmm....., page 1

... and then illegally leaked, ... As NSA, McMaster's job is to synthesize intellience reports from all ... General McMaster tried to fire Ezra Cohen ...
There is no doubt in the pattern of evidence that the much praised McMasters by John McCain, is a source of every foreign policy disaster, and that McMaster has been running his own silent coup in ridding Mr. Trump of Loyalists. It began with the target of Cohen Watnick.

McMaster's Influence Noted in Syrian Airstrikes

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster's influence grew this week with ... Bannon and Kushner intervened when McMaster tried to fire Ezra Cohen ...

.......and it continued on with the removal of the most qualified woman in the Trump Administration in KT McFarland, removed as McMaster's deputy.

KT McFarland to depart as deputy NSA, take ambassadorship to ...

KT McFarland to depart as deputy NSA, take ambassadorship ... Deputy national security adviser KT McFarland is expected to leave her position and accept ...

In all of these patterns,  there is now a criminal element, where it was HR McMaster who constructed the Russophobia in the White House, targeted Russians in Syria, created the plan to Tomahawk Syrians and Russians in Syria for Ivanka Trump, and after it was revealed it was all fake intelligence which brought this attack, HR McMaster's created a cover up four days later in order to shield himself from this criminal attack on Syria.

Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017

For the sake of repairing the shattered relations with Russia, and to keep America from being brought down by Peking, HR McMaster must be immediately removed from the National Security Council and fired as NSA Director. It is dereliction of duty and incompetence to stage an attack in which Russians were shot at over fake intelligence and it is criminal to create and forward an NSA report which manufactured fake intelligence to cover up the original crime.

The United States is in jeopardy and HR McMaster is with Dina Powell the chief conduits of this "loving the bomb" policy which has engulfed President Trump. Attorney General Jeff Sessions must bring this before a Grand Jury and more to the point, the NSC must be repeopled with competent and non criminal advisors as this simply must be put a stop to as it has shattered Russian American relations for the entire Trump tenure and China is playing America for a fool, and it is all coming from HR McMaster in one of the worst scandals in all of this fake intelligence, McMastergate.

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