Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tangles wove by wetware joves

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In tracking forming events in the matrix, I discovered something which of course is no discovery at all, because God always knew this reality, but simply because Newton has an apple strike him on the skull does not mean that gravity suddenly came into existence.

I have pondered for a number of years the fail safes in nature. For example, two plagues never take place at the same time, in you do not have cholera or leprosy in the same location, because the disease organism would kill out the human host, and therefore cease to exist.
It is even more minute in viral, in the human body never catches a lung flu and an intestinal flu at the same time, even though logic would dictate a weakened condition would be excellent breeding ground, but there is a fail safe in disease to not destroy the entire host.

It is that in which I call this the Cherry Effect, but since there are so many Cherry Effects, it should be termed instead the Lame Cherry reported Chaos Effect, as that is what it is.

In tracking events which the Seers have reported in their visions, I noticed two primary events, both nuclear in manifestation, and as the government is practicing nuclear saber rattling in North Korea and is practicing nuclear terrorism in New York, this again is not this blog reporting anything, but simply commenting on events which are in the press.

To explain this, let us examine the Bible in the asteroid named Wormwood. If one notices in all the scientific jargon, that there are "extinction events", meaning an event which wipes out dinosaurs in theory. What the Chaos Effect proves though is that there are never 2 Wormwoods in historical context, at the same time.
The odds are that ther would be, and yet this effect never  takes place like flu viruses.

What the matrix was pointing to was a sort of dual or duel nature in these two atomic signatures. It pointed to if an event occurred in Korea, then what the government was practicing for in drills in America would not transpire. It appears that events can be swapped out in one event sponging the energy from another event in a sort of "that which tames the savage breast".

As the government has the looking glass and the demon machine, in having sidelined the remote viewers who were discovering too much of the deep state in operation, it is an emerging reality that the regime would be aware of time line events by their viewing machines, and also would be like the Jews in 33 AD in the year of our Lord, in 'it being better for one Jesus to die for an entire nation, than for an innocent Jesus to live and an entire nation die".
That logic in Biblical recordings though did prove a generational measure, as the death of an innocent Christ, manifested 47 years later in the complete destruction of Jerusalem. The time line event which should have been in 33 AD did not vanish but manifested later in complete destruction.
Ninevah is another example with Jonah, in the "sin" there was a cosmic debt, which while repented  of, still became full in another generation and thus the great city state was wiped out.

So is it possible that the looking glass has revealed the time line event which was building again, and the President was shown a way out of this, by creating another event to syphon the energy away from it.
As a hypothetical of a recent high energy even as in September 11th, 2001, could that event been removed, if it had instead been predated by an event in Paris, as an example? That appears to be what the matrix indicates in the Chaos Effect.
As history indicates though, delaying an event or replacing it, does not lessen the events, but indications are it instead amplifies to greater events following.

This study of the matrix is a fascinating science of how this flowing pulse of time lines driven by wills affects both the spiritual, cosmic and physical realities. How even it appears that large future events seem to gravitate energy to them and build in a cyclonic effect, in being an entity almost in their event cycle.

Tangles wove by wetware joves.