Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Nuclear Beaver

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking wanted me to write something on the story of the beaver and the cattle and it has taken me some time to get around to things as TL is dealing with a health issue, along with all the other eventful discoveries around here in life.

SEE IT: Bold beaver herds 150 confused cattle in Canada — 'They couldn't figure out what the heck it was'

I had my first beaver moment when I was 6 due to the fact my brain was rodent intelligent then as I could be conned by primate brain sized idiot brother.
My brother had a fixation on ducks. He thought, talked, dreamed, ate, hunted, watched and actually farted smells that had the stench of duck shit. My dad's favorite line was about his favorite number one son was, "You got your nose up a ducks ass".
That was a fatherly way of saying you are a lazy, brainless protege who should be consumed by the virtues  of working your ass off, while my ass is planted in the bar drinking cheap whiskey.

So there were these ducks, and these Galloway cattle, my brother, me and me assessing the situation of crawling on a duck pond in a pasture of thorns, dirt and cow shit, and us without running water for baths or washing clothes seemed like one of the last episodes in my life I cared to create.
That along with the dire warning as we were looking through the barb wire fence, hidden in the trees, "Oh and if the cattle come, as they keep trying to kill people, run like hell for the fence".

I think that we made it 50 feet, before the bovines came and we got back to the fence with their hot breaths scorching our butts, but being raised a cowgirl you get educated in animal psychology.

In the above photo, no one is pointing out the realities. Beaver are quite intelligent and this one is close to a blanket beaver in it is an old one. It is on the move in the spring, so that means it's mate died or someone drained his water hole.

The cattle are all yearling heifers as in breeding stock. All young cattle are animals that are like all young teenagers in they all gather around you and cause problems. Girls end to sniff, steers tend to like to try and run you over. Older cows have the same inquisitive nature, and will chase, but you can bluff them.....although I have thought about plugging some cows in the head with a shotgun while duck hunting when things got interesting in open ground. Bulls one does not play with.......elderly bulls just look at you and say PISS OFF, but young ones will come and try to thump you.

Daisy frequently bucks like a bronco and bellars like an enraged ox for the fun of it. She jerked me on a rope a few days ago and educated my back and shoulders to having fallen through two stories awhile back. It is what advil is for.

Cattle are most interesting creatures and beavers play them well, because if they waddled off, they would get chased and trampled. Is best in beaver brain to just sit there and look stupid, until a stupid cow sniffs you, then you bite it's nose with those chisel teeth, it bawls and probably runs off with the herd 99 times out of 100. The one time the beaver becomes fertilizer for the fodder of the pasture.

It looks dry in Alberta. Not a good thing for ranchers selling box beef to Americans.

Nothing but those black and red angus cattle. Such a pity as Herefords are much prettier in the pasture.

I have not been much of a mood for things lately. I was reading about Pat Buchanan's life and after doing this writing thing, I can not understand why any person would want it. Of course Pat does 104 columns a year, and I by God's Grace do around 2000 columns a year, and Pat has a million dollar home and drinks wine every night, and I am homeless and drink sorrow, so there is probably a difference between writing and being paid six figures a year and my getting a few bucks on the average, which makes writing a bit different on who is doing it.
Then again Pat never gets interviews with Homeland. He just gets Politico pissing on him in his own home. The pissed on part we at least have in common. I would rather have the money part.

LC, I check out your blog at least 2 x a day. You can't help it if God made you have the most interesting blog..ever. Thank you for all you do.

I wanted to thank those who have been good to us. It is always appreciated. It is wondering about future tense events. I wondered enough this past week to splurge in purchasing 50 pounds of flour in bulk and a supply of toilet tissue.
I wonder what popular girl told you the power outages were cyber yesterday as all of the chimps were standing around talking about infrastructure as that is what the police state was telling Drudge to feature.

UPDATE: Multiple Cities Hit With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures...

Cyber Attack?

Lame Cherry proven right again, in just a few hours. But continue to trust the beautiful Chinese cake as that chocolately flavor is a fake intelligence we can all enjoy.

But the President is at least occupied in garden tours, and space calls. Can we expect Ivanka will Tomahawk the roses and McMaster will convince the President that Syria is holding the astro hostage in why she can not get home.

THIS WEEKEND: April 22nd & 23rd: The White House grounds open for 2017 Spring Garden Tours
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April 24th: President Trump calls space to congratulate record breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson

God how I have wanted to get the land with a stream, introduce beaver on it as Boddicker does, and watch the beavers build and the cows mill around being cows.
Cows tend to watch the nuclear beaver instead of running away.