Saturday, April 22, 2017

Who's the Girl with all the Tears

Family of Spies

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It has been almost 4 years since Edward Snowden deemed being a whistleblower would destroy him as it has others, and instead fled to China and Russia in order to expose what we all now know as the spying on Donald Trump and all Americans.

Wikileaks has been involved in this document release even longer.

In all of this, beyond the strange Bradley Manning who got himself captured to get a free sex change operation, one issue is missing in this, and that whistleblowers are of a group of IQ of the 140 plus vantage point, while the normal CIA, NSA, FBI department head is of the 120 group.
I clear comparison one is dealing with an A+ mind average to a B+ mind average. This entails one reason leakers as in the latest Wikileaks exposure to NSA and CIA criminal actions against Americans, is why they can not capture individuals or an individual.
Can you outwit a 5 year old or the 5 year old outwit you? The genius we are discussing is not some egg head like Stephan Hawking who can not figure out God exists, but an Edward Snowden who understands animal behavioral psychology in the human animal.

To make the simple point, those involved in Wikileaks do not simply react and copy documents. They first assess how to access the documents without their ever being suspect.

CBS News has learned the CIA and the FBI believe the recent theft at the CIA was an inside job. Investigators say the materials were stolen from a highly secure section of the intelligence agency where it takes two people to access information.

So now we know that it in 100's of people, it requires two different access keys to access information. As I am not affiliated with NSA or CIA internal security, each of us has witnessed enough cinema, to know that retinal scans can be spoofed, as much as access keys copied or borrowed.

John Walker who was selling information to the Soviets actually found a female Naval Intelligence officer, who was with a female friend of his, who was having boyfriend problems, and he seduced her and borrowed this IA's security, and that is how he gained access to the system.

How difficult would it be for a genius, without a physical check to drug two individuals, gain their clearance, walk in and copy everything. How difficult with a physical check would it be to wait for a diversion or bathroom break, sign in with the borrowed clearances and copy everything and the leaker's trail would never be found.
How difficult would it be for a leaker to gain access, implant a data mining which would download when others logged into the system. There are hundreds of ways and Wikileaks is proof that anyone can accomplish this  and Wikileaks is proof that the individual or individuals engaged in this, effectively produced a cover  that the FBI, NSA and CIA could not track.
What if it was that coup plotter Brennan at CIA, and his career fellow travelers he implanted, who actually copied all of this for the deep state, and someone as sly as Anthony Wiener simply copied Huma's emails.

From the past year, we know there was a floodgate of information being accessed and distributed.

Michael Morrell
CBS News
“We can’t keep all of the information in one place. We need to spread it out. We have to have better rules about need-to-know, and if you don’t have a need to know you don’t get access to the information,” said Michael Morrell, a former acting director of the CIA.
A former top Justice Department official told CBS News Assange could be prosecuted under a number of statutes, but any case will be “messy.”

Is MESSY another term for Wikileaks may have smoking gun orders to break the law in hacking and copying files for the deep state?

We know for certain that the individual or individuals involved in this are of high IQ, that they are not emotional, nor egotistical, as they are stable in not acting out for attention, nor in panic over their actions in needing to confess. The are in effect the Edward Snowden prototype, a very skilled and trained intelligence officer or asset, with nothing to prove. Their motive is not money nor fame, but in the protection of a system they value.

In the end, what if this was an operation of the deep state against itself, in order to protect the deep state from a misdirection which this shadowlands was experiencing.

How does the shadowlands catch itself.