Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Ugly Donald

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The brainless support of NRA types screaming BUILD THE WALL, as they should have been demanding of Donald Trump and explanation of why he destroyed all possibility of any detente with Russia during his entire tenure as President over fake chemical weapon's attacks in Syria, is the point in this that Donald Trump has done irreparable damage to Russian American relations, and is in the process of damaging relations with American allies in East that they will cease to be allied to America and cut their own deals with Russia and China.

The latest in the Trump beautiful chocolate cake policy is Donald Trump engaged in nuclear boat saber rattling with North Korea, inflated the situation and now is blackmailing South Korea over 1 billion dollars for a THAAD missile shield which they can not afford, and would not need it, if Donald Trump had not escalated the nuclear rhetoric with North Korea.
What Donald Trump has done to American ally South Korea is akin to exposing South Koreans to second hand smoke so they catch cancer and then making them pay for cancer treatment.

Trump: South Korea should pay for $1B missile defense system ...

President Trump wants South Korea to pay for a $1 billion U.S ... "It is shameless for the U.S. to ask South Korea to pay for THAAD given that they are ...

These Asian Republics simply have to understand that America is no longer a reliable and stable partner in their defense. What South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam must engage in, is simply nodding at Donald Trump, and then having Japan manufacture for this alliance an assortment of 5000 neutron, thermonuclear and cobalt bombs for a MADD policy that if North Korea, China or Russia become aggressive with this Ring of Fire Alliance, that everyone dies, as these small nations do not have enough land mass to absorb a modern war, and all that is left is for them to do is in self defense contaminate their larger adversaries.

It would be possible in sea based underwater platforms, land based and air based drone systems to create a nuclear triad as a deterrent to what is afflicting them, and bring stability, as Donald Trump is not the answer for them, as this Trump blackmail is not what any of these nations signed up for, and the fact is they can build these systems for a better balance of trade than what Donald Trump is charging them.

Once secured, the Ring of Fire Alliance, ROFA would tell the Americans to get the hell out of their nations, and China with Russia would have nuclear headache on their borders, in which they would have to deal in commerce and treaty in a peaceful manner.

These Pacific Rim nations simply have to prepare for a more secure option, and South Korea reduced to cave status, and Japan an obliterated population with Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam as slave states, is nothing in their national interests.

What the Trump policy is, is endangering everyone  and making everyone frightened as they should be as the Ugly Donald appears again in Asia as a blackmailer to the Asians.

Kim Jong Un does want to rule a united Korea by dictate. He though only began acting out when George W. Bush stopped the Sunshine Policy of South Korean investment in the North. The best solution for North Korea is Christian missionaries and gardens, but barring that, the next best solution is an opium cartel making zombie out of the North Koreans and filling them with internet porn, and that society will collapse. That is inhuman, but it is far better than Trump nuclear saber rattling and the worst of it now in nuclear blackmail promoting the worst stereotypes of Americans again in Asia.

The Russians see a Donald Trump with no moral compass on human rights, willing to trade on them. The Chicoms see a Donald Trump who will back stab Taiwan for Trump Brand. The rest of small Asia witnesses a Donald Trump who blackmails people who are in grave danger, after Donald Trump put them into danger.

In that, the NRA and those Conservative Treehouse Kushner minders had better be aware of what the rest of the world has concluded about America, because they are the ones who have the nuclear weapons, and this is important to the, in they are going to die first.

There is nothing pretty about Donald Trump. He is now to the world, the Ugly American

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