Friday, April 21, 2017

Vladimir Putin, the Most Reagan President

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Stephen Cohen, one of the last remaining sound Russian experts in America, appeared on the Coast to Coast AM program, and in common sense and reality of facts explained a part of the psyche of President Vladimir Putin of Russia, which if one observes the actions of President Putin, we concur that Mr. Cohen is exactly correct in his assessment of Mr. Putin.

The core of Vladimir Putin is that he is a reactionist, meaning he does not initiate grand measures  as in overthrowing Libya to terror chaos or launching Tomahawk waves. Instead Mr. Putin reacts to the actions of others. In essence, the Lame Cherry would term Vladimir Putin a counter puncher.

As has been witnessed by his astute moves, whether it has been in Georgia, Ukraine, Iran or Syria, Mr. Putin has protected Russian interests and Russians in every situation he has been involved with on the foreign affairs, and in internal affairs in securing Russian oil for the Russians and expelling foreign operatives staging coups, he has once again moved for Russia and Russians, in secure and perfect leadership.

As another example, Mr. Putin when oil prices were at record levels, he took that money and invested it in Russian nuclear survival shelters as his infrastructure projects. When oil prices were driven down, his response with Prime Minister Medvedev was to expand the other sectors  of the Russian economy from agriculture, mining, pipelines and military hardware to make a more stable Russian economy.

Vladimir Putin is deliberate in his actions, in they are always very well thought out.

As Mr. Cohen noted, the American President seems to have a constant problem with being manipulated by his military, intelligence or daughter with fake news or crocodile tears. Mr. Putin on the other hand is an educated mind, honed in the KGB of the Russian security state which did not condone any mistakes, so he does not make mistakes.
If one ever has the opportunity to listen to Mr. Putin, he is a technicrat as that is how the Russians were schooled. If you recell Checkov on Star Trek, in stating that the Captain required complete information, that is what Vladimir Putin is. It does not matter if it is snow leopards or the output expenditure of an oil company, Mr. Putin has pages of data in his mind which he will reel off in volume, addressing the subject completely.

Mr. Cohen also noted in the Crimea  Speech, one telling line, which all of us can comprehend, in he stated, "We have been backed to a place and we have no place else to go". That is Russia as it has NATO miles from Moscow, a war in Ukraine, a war in Syria, meant as frontal staging areas against Russia. American presence in the Stan regions, and the direct friction of Iran, it's main ally in the region of the Mideast.
In the east, Russia now has the festering sore ripped open by President Trump in North Korea.

In  all  of these events though, Vladimir Putin has emerged the statesman, the protector of the peace, and the person who reacts for security reasons, and not aggression.

If one examines the Kremlin response to NATO, the response was nuclear missiles on the Russian border. In Ivanka's Tomahawk strike, the Russians moved the Syrian fighters to a Russian base, and having their S 400 anti aircraft missiles in place, announced it would now shoot down all attackers, meaning Americans. In North Korea, the Russian military is moving forward with tanks and anti aircraft missile systems.
As the Russian presence of nuclear submarines of the American coasts in response to American actions was not enough of a message, the Russians are again flying nuclear bombers along Japan and into Alaskan airspace.
Everything of trust which was accomplished by Ronald Reagan, with Michale Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin in ending the Cold War has been shattered by HW Bush, Bill Clinton, W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, as we are in a nuclear saber rattling stage and none of this is Russian responsibility. All of it is due to cartel intrigue in moving European and American leadership to aggression, for the simple prize of gaining control over all Russian land and mineral wealth for profit exploitation.

There is not any good news in this, as since Ronald Reagan, the American Presidents  have taught the Russians, that Americans are liars, swindlers and backstabbers. What Donald Trump has engaged in has ruined Russian American relations for 4 to 8 years, and it can not be repaired, because Russia does not trust America any more. When the Russians are flying nuclear bombers into Alaska it is a red flag that Russians are responding and sending a message, that the next juncture when President Trump starts firing weapons of war, if the Russians are in the area, they will fire back with force.

There is not one American voter who voted for war or aggression with Russia, in either the democrats or republicans. Americans were voting for peace and a new age of cooperation, energy security, a growing economy for Americans, shutting off the invasion of all foreigners legal or green card, and the end to hostilities making America the global police man.

In all of Russian policy, Vladimir Putin does things by not doing things. In most instances, events will sort themselves out without an over reaction by a nation. Vladimir Putin never does something to just feel better, as actions have consequences. Vladimir Putin watches, and then reacts prudently in every instance.

President Putin is a very out of the box thinker. The military he inherited was a burden and from another era. In witnessing the fast strike forces of the Americans in Desert Storm, Vladimir Putin remade his entire military to fast strike force, while modernizing it with weaponry second to none.
The Russians have one deterent and it is not the high speed nuclear ICBM missiles, but the reality that the Russian military is in process of fielding a miniaturized nuclear warhead for it's battle tanks. Moscow is weaponizing it's tank cannons, and in doing so checks all American technology, supply lines and forward movements, as the range of one shell is currently in conventional form 4000 meters, meaning one T 90A tank could create a radiation blanket of a radious of 25 square miles.

The Russian military, trade and infrastructure has benefited greatly from Vladimir Putin placing Russia in a position to fight a 21st century war effectively.

What is renders down to, is exactly policy mirror of Russia first, protecting the Russian people, a strong Russian military, secure Russian borders and tax cuts, Vladimir Putin has been the most Reagan American President since Ronald Reagan.

That is the reality in Reagan struck Libya over terrorism and Putin struck Syria over terrorism. Reagan invaded Grenada to save American students from Soviet aggression and Putin annexed Crimea to save Russians from Nazi aggression.

Vladimir Putin has been the most stable of forces on the world political stage. It is a point now that Vladimir Putin stands alone against Peking intrigue and cartel conspiracy to start a war between Russia and America, as American fake intelligence is promoting that war which President Trump said he would never start.

For the sake of the world, President Putin in being a reactive statesman, will have to not project a response beyond his borders and wait for time in the aggressors burning themselves out.
The Kaiser of Germany had 15 years of instigation against the Reich before world war started. Mr. Putin is in the midst of that same struggle. He must as in the oil war against Russia, absorb the attack and then when the resources against him are expended, defeat them on Russian ground for the survival of the world and the continuity of Russia.