Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I want me some of them Ivanka Super Absorbent Tampons...with Lace

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well after the moving defense of President Trump's virginal daughter, Ivanka, more precious than the driven snow or children cut down by Tomahawk salvos, I was all ready to just shake my head at Homo Hannity blindly luring those into the Trump abyss of crime, when this appears in my email, from the same skulking marketers who were promoting loser Republicans in Georgia and Massachusetts who were the best  friends of Donald Trump......in he picked them.

Did you know that Donald Trump is a marketing for profit strategy now?

It has to be, as someone in the Trump White House authorized this GOP data mining group to buy and sell information.....and now market graduation gifts to those poor redneck Americans who can not afford Trump Brand.

Graduation Gift from President Trump

Today, 5:13 PM You

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Oh and this is that same North Carolina Blackbaud software for international marketing.

But anyway, who needs an old Ivory Tower map for graudation. I intend to hold out for the real product line coming out like:

The Donald Trump Hurricane Force Hairspray for Men

The Don jr Bible for Repentent Donors

The Eric "Clever Sayings to Distance Yourself from your Shylock Criminal In Laws"

and finally, the Ivanka line:

  • Non Surgical Silicon Breast Cups, Size D with White House logo
  • Navel lint removal kit with White House logo
  • Personally approved Special Presidential Adviser Pen Set
  • Peking Girl Tea Set with the Ivanka Chicom Trademark
  • Ivanka Super Absorbent Tampons with lace
  • Ivanka Strap On with LED light and homing beacon for Tomahawk salvos

I am sure there will be more in this line of fine products for Americans to remind all of us how grateful we are on our special days, but for me I plan on stocking up on the Ivanka Super Absorbent Tampons with lace, because tampons work really good as lure holders in trapping predators and I figure in the wind, that lace will be just like feathers or fur waving around as another visual attractant.

In all seriousness, as this is SERIOUS. Either someone who is selling and buying Republican names, is trading upon the President for profit, or worse yet the President and one of his Katie Walsh data miners have gotten Donald Trump to sign off on this classless, distasteful and tactless dindo it for the money, which is what the Trump's are now so tarnished by that they are beyond being given the benefit of the doubt.

What comes next? The Bill Clinton selling of nights in the Lincoln Bedroom? Face to face time with the President for 500,000 dollars? We already have heard Nicole Kushner Meyer selling her brother Jared and insinuating that Donald Trump is selling visas to Chicoms for the Kushner mafia.

So who is behind this as Ivanka selling her brand of lacy tampons is not a joke, as it is unethical for those involved with this, connected directly to the Republican Party, their candidates running for office to now be selling Donald Trump maps.

This is something the President of the United States must answer and give explanation for, and immediately cease all of this unethical activity taking place in his name.

Who has Trump’s ear? Often rich, white, Republican men.

Nuff Said