Tuesday, May 9, 2017

McMasters would not let Donald Trump Come Out and Play


I dial Donald Trump's brain like an old RCA radio
and set it to the Ivanka Frequency and he does whatever I tell him to


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Something very troubling is taking place in the White House, because President Trump ended his day with HR McMasters yesterday and McMasters of NSA was the only appointment for the President starting at 10 AM and all day today.

  • 10:00AM: President Trump meets with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster

This war council of President Trump is focused on two key areas now. Tillerson is fringing around Iran and the South China Sea, and McMaster's is humping it into Afghanistan and North Korea.  Yes North Korea and Iran are problems, but if one observes what is in the center of this arc it is the nuclear armed 200 million man army of Peking Chicoms.
It is why McMasters after starting all of this global war, came late to trying to tie up the Venezuelan oil in staging another insurrection in South America in going it alone.

Mike Cernovich has basically been saying that McMaster has seized control of the Presidency, and it all centers around the war for profit as his mentor Patraeus and the Clintons are all heavy into the war suppliers of expensive weapons and the Saudi Muslims.

Apparently McMaster's when misgynist on Hope Hicks yesterday in calling her "that high schooler". I know these fraggers like Strangepud in they don't like being asked questions that expose what dumb asses they are and they go scorched earth on anything not going Dr. Strangelove.

Word has it they are giving him another star and getting him out of NSA, as McMaster can not handle it. He should just face forced retirement, but you know what shit will fill the slot in that Bush maiden Dina Habib Powell for Ivanka, for the same old shit as McMaster. It is why Condi Rice has been lurking around giving advice. Same Bush fam group who runs Kushner Wall Street with Gary Cohn banking in fighting long protracted wars.

The President is being given fake intelligence. He has now signed off on the Pentagon deciding how many troops to dump into Afnamistan again to protect that opium crop there again. Donald Trump is in over his head and if he hesitates the MOGs behind this will force him to continue on with this coming war.

Seriously, HR McMaster for having contact with David Patreaus, after Patreaus' criminal past, should be fired immediately. While I can not suggest anyone for long term, I do suggest that President Trump bring in either John Lehman or James Webb, both Navy men.......bring in both and get rid of that Dina Powell as she has problems it is rumored having things appear where tampons do.......and tell both Lehman and Webb that no one starts a war.
They are both Reagan guys and served well enough in not blowing up the world in the Cold War.