Friday, May 5, 2017

Ivanka Trump: The Other Woman

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In forensic psychological review of the first three children of Donald John Trump, one is confronted with a base reality of Don jr. refused to speak to his father for a year after the divorce, and thereby creating in him the "man of the family" psychosis and producing a shield of Jewish children in his own household to make up for the trauma of his early age at boarding school, while Eric being too young to understand has become the reserved child, being extra careful in all things, silent, non demonstrative and pointing to if Don did it, then it probably was safe to follow, in Eric's time.

The most interesting of the children though is the eldest daughter in Ivanka, the liberal New Yorker who likes to describe herself as the "one daddy trusts" as the boys were away, but in reality Ivanka was the on who maneuvered and moulded herself by craft to being the "other woman" in Donald Trump's life, no matter the marriage and no matter the situation, Ivanka Trump discovered the needs of her father in interactions with women and Ivanka became that woman.

From her earliest days, she was the ornament on Donald Trump's life. The child who sought to please and find ways to keep herself near her father, no matter the situation or the event. Ivanka learned to walk the fine line of not getting in the way of ex wives or current wives as the other woman. She learned how to carve our her own identity, draw her father into that business and then complain that daddy was involved in her life.

Her choice as husband was the perfect cuck in Jared Kushner. The forever brooding Jew whose morals were amoral in defending his father to hire whores to break up his father's sister's marriages, because they had cooperated with the federal police in their criminal investigation of him.
Jared Kushner is the list husband, of all the things Ivanka can control, and what he will put up with on her drives of the moment in controlling him.
The latest stunt was Ivanka's reputation tanked over bombing Syria and being humiliated in Germany to boos. Ivanka's response was to have the British Press alerted as she sent out here daughter and cuck to distribute the saddest looking donuts on the planet to the Secret Service as a publicity stunt and photo op.
Endangering her own daughter on the streets of DC was not a factor nor getting the Secret Service into trouble for eating on duty. All that matters was daddy's princess need good publicity.

Ivanka has been the other woman in Donald Trump's life for 30 years. She competed with adults as a child and then used her wiles as a woman from tears to affirming all to daddy how wonderful he was, in order to always have that text message the one Donald Trump picks up and listens to, whether in tears or terror, Donald Trump responds to Ivanka as the other woman, because Ivanka has never let her father forget he broke up the family.

For Donald Trump, he wanted a wife in Ivana Trump, but as she became business oriented, all she wanted to do was talk business. That was not Donald's Mother and that is who Donald wanted, and so the marriage broke up for Marla Maples, but Trump's and Maples daughter has never been able to supplant Ivanka, because Ivanka knows the Donald Trump psyche and it is an emotional guilt where he will do anything for this daughter to make up for the guilt Ivanka exploits.

In Reverse Speech from David John Oates findings, there is a rather sad, but frank assessment of the boys in Scotland over the Trump golf course there. Mr. Trump basically says the children are not up to handling the situation.
As the financial records of Trump and the Kushner's reveal, they are a high debt carrying group, who risk other people's money and not their own. Ivanka in business dealings has had no problems with slave labor for her products. In effect, Donald Trump is a skilled showman. He does a good job building projects, but his children have all traded on the Trump name, with Ivanka being the plastic surgeon worse, and that is where the Trump's obtain their money, in the reality of the illusion of Donald Trump.

The reason Ivanka became obsessed with hovering over the Trump campaign when she finally figured out her father was going to win, was she was phobic that she was going to lose her place in daddy's life, because America is overflowing as much as the world with billions of women more competent than Ivanka.
It is why Ivanka cemented herself into the West Wing with her liberal cabal, as she could not allow her father the freedom of liberty in making America Great Again, because in Ivanka's childhood psychosis, she is paranoid that a nation without the constraints of keeping men in debt, in control of the law and subordinate to women, those men like her father will walk out the door and not return.

On display this manifestation in Ivanka of the phobia of losing her father has become an obsession as she clings to her father, creates a fiction that she never signed onto grabbing the premier office in the West Wing, and suffers greatly in all of this, as she goes into a tirade over Kellyanne Conway standing up for her on Ivanka Brand, because NO WOMAN enters the Ivanka Zone as she is that unvalidated of a female, to bawling and getting daddy to launch missiles at Russians to running out of a room because daddy will not admit that he is a hand raping pussy crotch that all the other women will not be competition for Ivanka, and she can be the princess queen as the other woman.

As of late, it is not enough that she is the other woman in daddy's life, but she has grabbed for the ring and pretends she is daddy herself. She is meeting with the Treasury secretary weekly, she is seeking to spend taxpayer money on Muslim Syrians who Ivanka bombed, she is going to implement carbon taxes to destroy all other businesses who might be competition to Trump Brand, and she is the albatross around every staff and cabinet member's neck, as every person there knows, that when Ivanka disagrees with them, it is "daddy can I have 10 minutes" and just like that it if Ivanka policy and not American policy being implemented by Donald Trump.

The worst of this and there is a long list, was the day that Justin Trudeau appeared and Ivanka cucked her husband in public with  moon eyes for Justin of Ottawa, and in her wetness sent her husband off on a trip with daddy to Tennessee as Ivanka went out on a date to New York with the communist of Canada. Psychologically Ivanka is seeking to trade up, because who needs cuck Jew slum lord when she moves in the circles of world leaders now.
It was perfectly fine with Ivanka Trump to be hissed and booed at in Germany, as Angela Merkel prostituted Ivanka to get her to think for her daddy to influence the President. A real daughter would have slapped the dykes on stage for her father and for America, but Ivanka gladly agreed to the humiliation of nationalist America and her father, because that is a pattern with Ivanka, in she always appears when her father is being degraded, on the pretense of defending Donald Trump, but in every situation from pussy grab to Germany, her actions reveal a daughter who wants to make her old man suffer in spades for that divorce so long ago.

All sorts of families exist in this world as do all sorts of daughters. Ronald Reagan had his hands full with Patty who had the same types of Ivanka issues, but Patty matured and has been the best example of the prodigal returning and her parents would be most pleased. Ivanka though is 20 years and a Jesus confession away from that kind of maturity, which means this is an immature and woman of psychosis, who does not belong working her daddy issues out with the US Treasury, little boys and nuclear missiles within her tearful blackmail of her father.

I stated as advice early on that Ivanka Trump was not to be in the White House. She needed a liaison in someone like Elizabeth Dole who would have taken the time to educate this girl on tears have consequences and to not tear down her father for things that happened in failed marriages, as starting a nuclear world war is not a cure for divorce.

In this, Melania Trump, must have the patience of a Saint, and has proven a perfect Jackie Kennedy in charm and etiquette. Personally, I do not want the First Lady having to make up for Ivanka's failings in where she dragged this Presidency as Melania is the one Christian the base still trusts completely in this Administration as she has shown her priorities are her child, home stability and not being a cross between Hillary Clinton and Ivanka Trump.
I state this in public, because the more Ivanka Trump drags down the Trump Administration, some fixer like Priebus, the Kushhers or Spicer is going to blurt out, "Hey let's use Melania to soothe people as people like her". Melania Trump must be protected from such exhortations, because she never created this mess, and her reputation should not be put on the line over a 35 year old woman with daddy issues and a daddy who should have had the sense to say no to this 10 year old manipulator still lurking in that plastic surgeon body.

This is Ivanka Trump, the other woman, a role she crafted, created and enlarged over and over again through the years, to the isolation of her brothers and her sister, as Ivanka constantly discovered ways to dominate daddy, she has found ample ways to control.

Ivanka Trump is a naive, self absorbed child, and that is why everyone who has gotten to her father to harm him, has first gone through her, as suckering Ivanka with appealing to her weaknesses, provides a direct pipeline to the President. I warned of this in August 2016, and in April 2017 it was on full display by one of the craftiest shemales on the planet in Angela Merkel who admitted to her psychological operation.

Mrs. Jared Kushner is not going to be ready for what she is involved in, in leading America in 4 years, 8 years or 50 years, as she is not Christian Inspired by the Holy Ghost to discern that while she thinks she is playing everyone else, those around her are playing her for the fool.
For the good of the Presidency, Donald Trump needs to implement what I advised before in getting the Kushner's out of the White House, before the Bush and Clinton fams indict them on their crimes as in TRUMP POT DOME, as this couple of Jared and Ivanka have served their purpose in ridding Donald Trump of loyalists and Christians, and replaced them with liberals and Neocons, and as that is complete, the Kushner's are only going to be in the way after Mike Pence replaces the impeached Donald Trump.
It serves no one to have Ivanka in prison for 20 years for influence pedaling. She needs to get stuck in some NGO for children, where her father takes no calls from her for money or support and she has to answer to a board and trade on her ability and not her Trump Brand name.

That though will not happen as daddy will not intervene, and Ivanka continues on as the other woman, degrading the Presidency every day in destroying the base support so the little princess can have daddy all to herself.
I would appeal to the President that he needs to intervene in this immediately, or he will be joining his daughter in prison, as that is what the people Ivanka has brought in intend to take place before the year 2020.

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