Friday, May 5, 2017

Is there a nuclear false flag being created for North Korea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are few connect the dots which need to be connected in making one ponder the evidence when it is presented in the fake news and fake intelligence.

Yiochi Shimatsu has been posting some very interesting insights to the North Korean situation which has become inflated due to fake intelligence being fed to President Donald Trump. One such event is a US supply ship which the Lame Cherry featured which was being protected by a Japanese naval helicopter carrier.
First that makes America look weak and feckless in the Asian world, but secondly a helo carrier offers no protection, so what on earth is really taking place here?

Mr. Shimatsu fills in a few intriguing points, in this supply ship appeared from a direction in the Pacific where America has a pre positioned stockpile of nuclear weapons. This carrier's helos are not protecting the transport, but are instead ferrying nuclear bombs to a detachment of F 35 stealth fighter (which are not so stealthy any more which have been stationed in Japan recently.)
What this information points to is dial nukes, or the low yield nuclear bombs America created which are the most dangerous types, in they can be used as bunker busters and in close proximity battlefield engagements.

 The dispatch of reconnaissance team to civilian centers in Asia shows that Abe and Defense Secretary James Mattis are planning a false-flag attack to be blamed on the North Koreans to justify a massive US-Japan “counter-attack”, actually a first strike, with nuclear bombs. Over the past year, Abe has repeatedly asserted his first-strike doctrine and opposed international disarmament talks outlawing sneak attacks.

Preparations for the false-flag-counterstrike operations are underway with the rendezvous of the Japanese helicopter carrier Izumo with an as-yet unidentified US Navy supply vessel off the Boso Peninsula (Chiba Prefecture, due east of Tokyo). The sailing direction of the US supply ship indicates it came from Johnson Atoll, the US nuclear arsenal near the Hawaiian Islands, meaning it is transporting a cargo of nuclear bombs.

The supply ship, escorted by the gigantic Izumo, is now off the coast of Shikoku, Japan’s fourth-largest island that fronts the Inland Sea, or Seto Naikai. Aside from the ports of Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima, the Inland Sea is the location of the US Marine Corps Air Station at Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi, Abe’s home province.

On January 18, 2017, the US Marines forward-deployed Fighter Attack Squadron 121, known as the “Green Knights”, at Iwakuni. The Marine version of the stealth fighter-bomber is capable of vertical landing on the decks of helicopter carriers and with angular lift can achieve short takeoffs

I am going to provide some further information in this, an that is the fact in Vietnam as much as elsewhere, thee worst pilots in America are Marine pilots. These are not Pappy Boyington types of World War II, but pilots who could not hit anything of fly.
The F 35B is a jet with thee most PRIMITIVE of computer technologies to command the weapon's platforms as articles on the Lame Cherry have proven from military sources. As America is on the verge of introducing nuclear warheads to combat, it has chosen thee worst pilots and thee most underrated electronics.

I recall Chuck Yeager in the Cold War, stationed in Germany, and discovering his Saber fighters were suddenly the nuclear weapon's platforms for strikes on the Soviet Union, in the same type as North Korea. General Yeager related that he did not know if they would survive the blast, the enemy counter measures, and if he did, the jets would not have enough fuel to make it back to Germany, meaning Yeager, the greatest pilot America had, if he survived the nuclear blast, was going to have to ditch his jet behind enemy lines and try to hoof it back to Germany in a nuclear war.

What the Lame Cherry is pointing out here is the reality that Mad Dog Mattis, HR McMaster and President Donald Trump have put into an operation where these Marines were chosen for a nuclear suicide mission. The Green Knights are living on borrowed time, and these Soldiers and their jets are not returning to Japan or America alive, but in a radioactive ash cloud a week later. 

With that sobering reality of expendable life, we return now to the Boston bombing of 2013. In that era, upon inquiry, what trended in that story which the Lame Cherry broke and stands behind is the reality that Eric Holder at Justice, engaged North Koreans to plant devices in Boston, which would provide a false flag for the Obama regime to change the Kim regime, as this was being progressed then, but immediately after the Kim issue disappeared.
What inquiry stated is, Kim ran a counter operation, because he knew what Obama was up to, and then slipped his agents out of America to safety, leaving this disaster to cover up, and why none of the evidence matched what Americans were told in the Chechen scapegoats.

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The Lame Cherry broke this story on February 27th, and on April 17th World Net Daily followed up from their sources pointing to North Korea. Interestingly Pyongyang jumped on the WND story to deny it, which they would never do for an obscure far right publication which was mocked by the left in the United States, but as you will see by the link the CIA went ballistic in producing the North Korean denial of no involvement in the bombing.
Now why would the CIA be promoting the North Korean denial, unless the Obama regime was involved and neither North Korea or 1600 Penn wanted the facts to come out.

New suspect in Boston bombing: North Korea -
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So when Yiochi Shimatsu makes a point that nuclear weapons are being pre positioned for strikes on North Korea, and that he is understanding that a false flag operation is going to be repeated, as in Boston, in order to give the United States the excuse to attack North Korea, then history is repeating itself and it explains why Mr. Trump is bowing to President Vladimir Putin for help now, and Peking is telling all of it's citizens to evacuate North Korea.
The evidence points to this war has started and it is nuclear.

If this is not stopped, then a thousand other reasons will be used as excuses to use nuclear, biological and chemical weapons against the United States.

On January 18, 2017, the US Marines forward-deployed Fighter Attack Squadron 121, known as the “Green Knights”, at Iwakuni.

Donald Trump was not even President on January 18th. This was put into operation in the Obama regime, to dump in Donald Trump's lap with fake intelligence, so it would be Mr. Trump who was juggling nuclear war instead of making America Great Again.
The evidence points to Mr. Trump is easily led by fake intelligence and officer brass, and the conspirators who are James Comey spying on Donald Trump, Susan Rice & Co. unmasking names and the creation of fake Russian you really think the cartel would not after all of those crimes, create a nuclear war just to stop  Nationalism and have Trump wanking off for Globalism?

The President will probably never see the light of his being duped, but once again in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, you  have the facts and can make up your own minds while blinded by the nuclear light.