Tuesday, May 2, 2017

North Korea's Nuclear Warhead Airbust Test


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As all of the NRA hand clappers were too busy following their naked leader, Donald Trump, there was something far more troubling which took place and it was the fake news and fake intelligence once again deceiving the American public over the "failed" North Korean missile launch which blew up almost immediately after lift off.

North Korea Missile Launch Fails : The Two-Way : NPR

North Korea Missile Launch Fails A Day After ... The failed missile launch comes just a day after North Korea brandished what appeared to be long ...

The data in though proves something completely different in this was a deliberate test, and not the United States blowing the missile up, which surprised Donald Trump, and idiots laughed at as another sign of North Korean incompetence, but what this was, was a test for an air burst of a nuclear warhead.

As you are not a nuclear expert, the Lame Cherry will walk you through the short course in this.

In nuclear weapons, one does not want to have them explode on the ground, as the ground absorbs the heat and concussion, it also sucks more debris up to the clouds, which is not what the mushroom cloud is for. What the military does is explode a bomb a certain height over the target so the heat, air shock wave and force will provide the most destruction possible.

This is the CIA propaganda story of fake intelligence.

Posted : 2017-04-29 09:00
Updated : 2017-04-29 10:58

This is the real intelligence of what really took place.

Posted : 2017-04-30 13:27
Updated : 2017-04-30 13:33

The mid-air explosion of a North Korean missile on Saturday morning was deliberate, not a failed launch as claimed, South Korean government officials say.

It is believed the North was testing a warhead explosion, an essential step toward testing a nuclear warhead explosion.

"We don't believe the mid-air explosion was an accident," cable news channel YTN quoted a government official as saying. "It's believed the explosion was a test to develop a nuclear weapon different from existing ones."

That is what Kim Jong Un was accomplishing in the North Korea test. North Korea successfully tested not just an incoming warhead, but a warhead launched over a kill zone as a sort of suicide dead man's switch. Meaning the North Koreans can both deliver a warhead on target to their enemy, and if that enemy has 35,000 troops encircling them, the North Koreans can launch a missile and explode it over them in order to radiate and fry the invaders of their country.
Do not think that North Koreans are suicidal though, as their nation is filled with more tunnels and gopher holes they will crawl into to escape as the Americans who have invaded their nation will be no more.

Military experts say mid- or long-range missiles normally stabilize at 20 or 30 kilometers above ground. In the latest test, the missile climbed to three times the so-called "stabilizing height, which means the chances that any internal mechanical failure caused the explosion were "very low," according to experts.
Now how does an American President launch a nuclear salvo at North Korea for detonating a bomb on North Korean soil as all North Korea was doing according the Russians and Chinese but defending themselves from an invasion?

The incompetence of HR McMaster and the CIA propaganda putting out a story that this North Korean missile was a failure when it was a complete success, is more of the reason Donald Trump honestly needs someone inside his inner circle with Christian Virtue and Inspiration to ask his nakedness the questions which must be asked.

This is another win for Kim Jong Un. Kim fired a missile successfully, tested it successfully, and there the phantom Trump armada was  in need of Japanese protection, as the  CIA and NSA looks completely incompetent when the real data appears.
The worst of this is, is Kim Jong Un's state media actually informed the world of what this test was exactly. The North Koreans told the Truth and Donald Trump should have been listening to them for intelligence, if it could be heard over the chewing of beautiful chocolate cake.

North Korean media used the term "test of nuclear warhead" for the first time on Sept. 9, the same day the North conducted its fifth underground nuclear test.

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