Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trip Wire Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following article is prefaced with the fact that President Vladimir Putin is REACTING to over 25 years of Anglo American assaults against mother Russia. Everything was cooperative when the wall fell and Boris Yeltin came into power, but even then Bill Clinton was warning that America could not keep "making Yeltsin each shit" because the Russians were not going to take it.
The abuses of HW Bush, brought on the sales of nuclear warheads by the KGB to Saddam Hussein and the Iranians. The abuses of Bill Clinton for his Kosovo oil pipeline changed the Muhajadeen to al Qaeda, not working for America against Russia, but striking America.
The abuses of W Bush in missile shields, cracked the Russian American alliance, and Obama Clinton in their coups against Vladimir Putin set the stage for nuclear war, and Donald Trump with his Ivanka, have now lit the fuse.

President Vladimir Putin has been very composed and reserved in these assaults upon Russia and himself. He has though been verbally warning the world what is coming, and has been attempting in sub patrols and nuclear bombers in allied and American airspace to tell America to back off, but instead HR McMaster for Ivanka Trump targeted Russians in Syria with a Tomahawk salvo.

Now a confirmation has come that the Russians in order to prepare for war, which they did not want, are prepositioning nuclear warheads off the American coast for tidal waves, which again is Russian restraint as this is not a direct nuclear attack on America if the Trump Administration continues on with this Bush war agenda which in reverse speech, David John Oates discovered in Obama, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton reversals as this was all planned out.

Putin is planting deep-sea 'mole nukes' near the US capable of causing a TSUNAMI, Russian military expert claims

  • Viktor Baranetz, former colonel, revealed ways Russia tries to outsmart the US
  • He alleged that Russia is sinking 'sleeper' nukes off the coast of America 
  • In the event of war the bombs will detonate and trigger a tsunami, he claimed
  • Baranetz also said Putin has nukes that cannot be tracked using their trajectory

We have heard recently that Russia is arming the Taliban as if this is some great crime. The point of this is, Russia would not be arming the Taliban to give the Americans trouble in the American opium dope fields for profit of Afghanistan if America was not Donald Trump threatening Russia.
Did you ever think that it was the Taliban who had destroyed the poppy fields which returned under Bush43 and Obama, and perhaps Russia in her national interest as opium is being dumped into their nation, ruining lives there, might conclude that the Taliban returning to power would stop the opium the Americans are overseeing, and also give the Americans something to shoot at other than Russians.

I am certain though that none of that reality ever reaches Donald Trump. As Ivanka is either bawling to get her way a dozen times a day and rushing out of the White House in tantrums, or it is HR McMaster moving Donald Trump's lips as he whispers in the Pesident's ear that it is Putin's fault, when no one is pointing out what it has been America was leveraging Russia over for 30 years and Donald Trump has now stupidly amplified, that we now have nuclear bombs returned to the American coasts.

  • 12:30PM: President Trump speaks with President Vladimir Putin of Russia by telephone
  • 5:30PM: President Trump meets with National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster

I realize that most of this nuclear jousting is new to you, but for those who were around in the Cold War, America discovered tread trails in San Francisco Bay, knew that the Russian Speznat had prepositioned a dozen nuclear bombs in America, and that there were numbers of other surprises if the Cold War went hot to cripple America.
What you do not "see" is that the United States has prepositions materials and assassin squads in Russia too, so there is no innocence on the American deep state part and Russia is indeed reacting to real intelligence.

This is what President Vladimir Putin knows as Donald Trump phones him up, in what the world has now figured out is Trump Art of the Squeal, in Donald Trump squeals like a maniac, then returns later to say, "Let's each chocolate cake together and it will be beautiful", the only problem is that Donald Trump with his McMaster of Bush fam with Dina Powell, has banker  Gary Cohn counting war profits, as the steps have been taken in preparing the nuclear battlefield for world war in putting into place first strike and crippling strike responses.
What you do not understand yet even if it has appeared in the Lame Cherry is Russia believes by American actions, words and missile shields that America will strike first in bombing Russia, and do so devastatingly, that the missile shield will keep Russia from responding.  That is why the Russian nuclear mines are being planted. Logic states those mines are on dead man's switches, meaning if a code is not entered at appropriate times or a code activates them, then these mines detonate over a period of time.
President Putin also revealed his Cobalt Torpedo as the Russian fail safe as tsunami  mine to poison American coasts for 5 years and kill every living thing. As has been stated, the Russians in public have signaled for America to stop, and Donald Trump instead bombed Russians in Syria.

For the sand surfers and moron Mormons who said Donald Trump's actions were not going to bring nuclear world war, we are in world war, and these asstards have not apologized with the cash or stayed off of this blog as they are what America is full of in culls.

Someone mentioned in an email yesterday that they were praying the war would not come. I instead pray that Christ returns and for a shortening of the days. I advocate peace and is why by God's Grace the Trump time line was constructed. I also pointed out something in this to remind all  of you, that America had a chance to lessen the blow, but that has been vanished by the inner  circle of war at the White House.
America can not stand with record debt, Goldman Sachs rule, Muslims and Mexicans pouring in, in greater numbers from the Trump regime in slave labor for Chamber of Commerce, for this is the American Genocide.
Each of you though must not act out or get yourselves into trouble, because if you remember it was stated that a scenario would arise in which the Eurasians would make war on America if America did not change, and now even the blind can see this time line forming.
Project this out then, in what will happen when terror attacks or war begins with these liberals and squatters? They will flee America. War will become the last opportunity for Americans to perhaps take their country back. The problem of course is it will be a fight as the Eurasians, Muslims and Mexicans which Mr. Trump has pouring in are the advanced groups, and more will follow in beach head drops.

None of us wanted this who voted for Donald Trump. The problem is a McMaster's provides fake intelligence and an incomplete picture, is that the machine of global war is engaged and is moving forward.

As a last effort, I would counsel the President to fire Kushner, McMaster, Powell, Cohn, Pompeo and Mattis, and blame them publicly, and send Stephen Cohn, Pat Buchanan and Mike Flynn to Moscow for permanent detente, with a good will gesture of pulling back NATO.
At this point, I do  not believe even that would work as someone is shutting down Russian and now Chinese readership of this blog, and it is not coming from Eurasia.

Donald Trump has plunged the world into a neo Cold War, and all the mechanisms are in place again in preplanted nuclear etc... responses, and all it will require now is an excuse.
Donald Trump has hit the trip wire, now it is only a matter of time, as his fake intelligence was accepted in the Christians were not inside to provide Inspired Policy, and all there was, was Ivanka and her tears.