Saturday, May 6, 2017

Obama messiah economics are now Trump savior economics

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By now all of you have read of the glorious headlines of how wonderful the US economy is with 211,000 jobs created under Donald Trump in this current "Obama recovery" is setting records for those employed in America at 153,165,000
Do not forget the EMPLOYED IN AMERICA, and do not confuse it with AMERICANS EMPLOYED.


Unemployment rate falls to 4.4%; 10 year low...

153,156,000 Employed; 3rd Straight Record...

As we preface this with Donald Trump's successes, there is the reality that Donald Trump broke his word on DACA, on illegals entering America and there has been a spike in "legal workers" pouring into America, along with a new mantra about replacing Americans with foreigners.

Now remember that 211,000 number for Donald Trump, which includes record numbers of foreigners, to Ronald Reagan employing Americans in the Reagan Recovery.

For those of you who do not remember Ronald Reagan or were not alive then, Ronald Reagan averaged 233,000 jobs and in the wanker contested month of September 1983, over 1 million people returned to the work force.
Even beyond the dispute of striking workers returning to work, Ronald Reagan was creating jobs as his recovery surged at half a million to a million jobs constantly.

The numbers which Donald Trump is bragging on as Obama bragged on his pithy numbers, are nothing compared to an economy creating jobs for Americans by Americans.

Now, contrast that with the Reagan recovery. That generated a total of 11.2 million new jobs or 233,333 per month, more than enough to put people back to work. Reagan's best job month garnered the very top ranking since WWII with 1,114,000 jobs added in September 1983. A single month with more than a million jobs added. So far Obama can only wish for such a total.
Reagan nabbed an additional 11 months in the top 100 during the four years of recovery (Nov. 1982-Oct. 1986). Reagan's recovery continued after that,

If you have been paying attention to the GDP or economic growth,  it was last month .2% and skewed by the cartel who Trump now works for to .7%. If you bother to check, in the Jimmy Carter Depression, "growth" was .8%.

Real GDP per working-age adult, which had increased at only a 0.8 annual rate during the Carter administration, increased at a 1.8 percent rate during the Reagan administration. The increase in productivity growth was even higher: output per hour in the business sector, which had been roughly constant in the Carter years, increased at a 1.4 percent rate in the Reagan years. Productivity in the manufacturing sector increased at a 3.8 percent annual rate, a record for peacetime.
Most other economic conditions also improved. The unemployment rate declined from 7.0 percent in 1980 to 5.4 percent in 1988. The inflation rate declined from 10.4 percent in 1980 to 4.2 percent in 1988.

Yes Americans we are still in the Obama Super Depression.

If Donald Trump was interested in making America Great Again, he would not be in bed with Paul Ryan looting of the Treasury and stealing 1 trillion more dollars from Americans for the 2017 budget.

I place these realities here so you will stop being suckered in these dismal numbers under Obama and now Trump are a Depression, and America is in one and what Donald Trump is engaged in, is not going to end it, even with another FDR fraud world war, started with fake intelligence.

Donald Trump Turned Down 94.4 Percent of American Job Applicants, Applied for Hundreds of ‘H’ Visas Instead

If you keep accepting the slave chains, the people forging your new set are only too glad to add them to your necks.

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