Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Ivanka Problem

'Is that how you see Ivanka?' Maher - seen with Donald Trump at the 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2004 -  asked Sherman who, red faced, replied 'No.'

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did not the Lame Cherry warn the President of the dangers of THE OTHER WOMAN, in allowing Ivanka Trump into that manipulative roll?

Lame Cherry: Ivanka Trump: The Other Woman

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. In forensic psychological review of the first three children of Donald John Trump, one is ...

This blog has been attempting to shield the American President in noting his first born daughter is the Trumpenfuror and deemed the IVANKOCKSUCKER as she has IVANKUCKED both Donald Trump, her cuck husband Jared Kushner, and the entire West Wing, as no one is going to buck this 35 year old divorce psychosis prowling for power at 1600 Kushner Avenue.

The moment that Ivanka Trump got caught having a wet nether over Justin Trudeau and leaving her husband to be cucked on the trail with Donald Trump as she pranced around on Broadway with the communist from Ottawa, it opened the entire cock whore floodgates for this unsophisticated female.


Ivanka Trump is no different than the other skanks of her period in Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and the beaver flashers of Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears. Her daddy posing in her trying to be the other woman, is exactly what the liberals will brand her Trump Brand with forever, because SHE DID THIS, and not some big cocked host on FOX or Bill Maher jacking off to Ivanka in an interview.
Women to the left are either whores or bitches.

On November 2nd, the comedian performed a stand-up set at the Los Angeles Largo comedy club on Facebook Live where he cracked a joke many found as inappropriate

For Bill Maher Ivanka is a whore.

“When he’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and — ‘Daddy, Daddy,'” Maher cooed, making a lewd hand gesture. “‘Don’t do it, Daddy.'

Sherman -  one of the leading media voices to have contributed to the outing of Roger Ailes at Fox News - added: 'I think, again, she's on the margins trying to save us—to the degree that she can—but Donald Trump doesn't listen to anybody, including his own family'

For HBO's she is a bitch to manipulate like Angela Merkel engaged in, in Germany.

“A lot of us thought: Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace,” the host of HBO’s Real Time said during an interview with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

Sherman did not dream that up on his own. That is what Ivanka has been whispering in promises to the New York Valued Left........"Trust me, I can handle daddy. Did I not get Lewandowski and Manafort fired? Did I not keep those Christians and Loyalists out? Did I not bring in Bush Neocons and liberals like Gary Cohn?"

And who is to blame for the deafening silence in no push back from the Right for Ivanka, as the left now shreds Ivanka, as she has served her purpose with cuck Jared and are now in the way, and need to be moved out so the Bush and Clinton trolls will not control Donald Trump? The person to blame is Donald Trump, Ivanka Kushner and Jared Kushner.

I know for a fact that Christians were placed on a DO NOT ENTER LIST at Trump Headquarters on Election Eve. Instead it was neocons like gun runner Erik Prince whose sister is now head of Education in Betsy DeVos. That does not happen unless Pence, Priebus, Walsh and the Kushner's were performing a coup which broke all ties that bind when Donald Trump threatened Conservatives over Obamacare and then trashed the Angel Moms in Brenda Sparks in breaking his promise to them over DACA.

When you betray your voters, lie to your voters, humiliate your voters and politically rape your voters, and then throw them crumbs in thinking they are too stupid to figure it out, as you can blackmail them as the "only game in town", you are going to get no support in starting nuclear war and no verbal defense when Bill Maher is trashing the trashy Ivanka Trump.

I will repeat what the operation in this is, and it is hoped by the cartel to indict Ivanka and Jared, to drag their sorry asses before Congress to turn evidence on Donald Trump, to make this a really gory impeachment as they all get thrown into prison, where they do belong for this Trump Brand influence pedaling which has crossed all lines.

All Bill Maher is doing is softening up Ivanka Trump's image to the whore and we all know from the Jews what to do with Jew whores from the Bible in you take them out and get rid of them. Maher is just casting the first stone, as Ivanka Trump lifted her skirt for frau Merkel and fag Trudeau, so now everyone knows what the strap on girl is up for, and they want to bitch slap her around in the media to make her say she likes it.

I pointed out the meltdown Donald Trump has been in, in his crumbs to voters from Christians to Veterans. A week ago the Kushers tried in the left media a push back in trying to make Ivanka look in power, and the New York Times made her look like a dumb cunt, and when she sent out cuck Kushner with donuts in prostituting their daughter, it was pointed out Ivanka endangered her daughter for a photo op in trying to salvage Ivanka's damaged goods image.

Jared Kushner and Arabella give donuts to Secret Service ...

Ivanka, 35, and Jared, 36, ... Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner sweetly hands out doughnuts to their Secret Service agents with daughter Arabella, ...
That was another reality television episode disaster. 

The reality is the public knows there is NOTHING under that bottle blonde hair that Ivanka trails around. It is why shallow women are doing plastic surgery to look like her, as looking like a whore Kardashian for the negro went out the door with Obama.

Move over, Kylie! Women want to look like Ivanka Trump not the Kardashians, plastic surgeons claim

  • Surgeons are witnessing an influx of people wanting to look like Ivanka Trump

It all sums up to the reality that women lust to LOOK LIKE Ivanka Trump, as there is not a mad dash to business school to THINK LIKE Ivanka Trump.

There honestly is not any way out of this, except for Donald Trump to start his Eurasian wars, and to keep importing 3rd world slave labor, because the minute he backs off, there will be a Pearl Harbor event or an Ivanka Indictment, as Trump Brand has committed crimes, and McMasters has led Trump to love nuclear bombs.

So America will not resurrect, there will be the genocide of the American  race and there will be piles of people dead in these wars for profit. And in that, it all began with Ivanka Trump, removing the President's Christian Anointing as cuck Jared stole the glory from God in claiming it was Kushner codex which won the election.

The moment that Ivanka Trump engaged in policy that ushered in people being murdered by Tomahawk missiles in Syria, in McMaster targeting Russians, the Donald Trump presidency ended and the Ivanka rule of thumb began, with the intrigue of Peking beautiful chocolate cake and the enigma of the riddle of Vladimir Putin began, in retaliation over Ivanka leftist policy of "dindo sumptin".

I pause and think at times like this wonder what Thomas Cromwell would advise King Henry, because this Ivanka is worse than all the wives of Henry VIII combined at once for political and diplomatic disasters that roll upon each other. I can only imagine what in the hell will explode with Jared Kushner in Mideast shell  games for peace, as Ivanka's little stunt in Tomahawk took Jared and Netanyahu's plot of safe zones to dump Palestinians into Syria, as Putin, Iran and Turkey have now partitioned Syria for their own seething anarchy to make America, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Israeli state bleed with a new Palestinian solution.

As I am not being paid the 6 figures, I am not providing the solutions online to be plagiarized. Donald Trump's WWE mouth got him into this, his weakness in the Kushner's created this, and his surrounding himself with flunkies of the left as Donald Trump desires to be accepted by the elites has brought his presidency to a feckless ruin and now hollow wars await.
I stated before with Jeb Bush, I was not going to prop up Obama's 3rd term, and that is what Donald Trump is engaged in now, so he sullied the bed, he can try and explain away the stains.

 Mr. Trump needs a Christian to fix this and he has none. The Ivanka Problem is  bleeding the energy out of this administration. If it were me as a partial step I would put the Kushner's  into eastern Europe in the Slavic roots, and order them to shut up, to save Slavic children.......not goddamn Muslims, not goddamn Jews, but Slavic babies, and that means not exporting them to America, but SAVING THEM IN EASTERN EUROPE, as a cover for their crimes as it would be hard for the cartel to haul their asses back to America when Ivanka was assisting retard Romanian orphans.
That means her father tells her she is finished in policy and she can talk about the grandkids on Twitter and that is it, as the liberals are in the process of making her a Jezebel Brand, and they will not stop as Ivanka Kushner gave them the Scarlet Letter.