Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Trump Kushner's now Pimping their Children

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well, lookie here, we have Ms. Ivanka in the New York Times and as if by magic we have the Ivanka sending out the cuck husband with daughter to be photographed..........by the UK press, as we know from the Times story on Ms. Ivanka, that the press is no longer camped out at the Trumpenfuror's 5 million dollar rental.

For those who missed this pimping of a child, because Jared and Ivanka's Trump Brand has become so pariah in their betrayal of American voters, there is the reality THE SECRET SERVICE CAN NOT EAT OR ACCEPT ANYTHING WHEN ON  DUTY.

So all Ivanka and Jared did was expose their daughter to danger on the streets of DC and made life for the Secret Service that much more impossible.

Yes impossible is what it is for the Secret Service as Ivanka when being pimped out by Angela Merkel in Germany........flew commercial.  Just imagine if it was not boos and hissing, but some fist fight at mile high altitudes and the Secret Service had a gang riot and had to start shooting rioters on the  Ivanka flight.

But never mind as Ivanka is New York Valued as one of the grubby redneck people....from a distance as long as you buy her costume whore jewelry for rednecks or stay at Don and Eric's dubba wide hotels for rednecks.

As we return to this, look at this poor child being exposed to the creepy neighbors who want her donuts, and the look on this kid's face in she wants no part of this publicity stunt in having contact with these American vermin prowling around on her streets.


For the record, we now know that Donald Trump is in big political trouble, despite the fake polls, and that the Kushner's are in huge political trouble, as they have now degraded to pimping their own little girl, to try and gain public sympathy.........by endangering the child and the Secret Service.

What a great Trump Brand day!!!