Monday, May 8, 2017

Time Is Ticking For The Empire

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am too busy and do not have the bandwidth, but Tim Rifat of England the time lord has been busy in exposing the satanism of Hollywood, and has dissected the music video of Katy Perry, Chained to the Melody, which is most interesting.

Mr. Rense has it in PDF on his site for viewing.

As Ms. Perry has not said a word about being anti nuclear war, and this video is not billed as such, it is interesting in someone created for Ms. Perry, (as in the elite) a mind chant video for nuclear war and what is featured in this illuminati video is cobalt blue, as in Mr. Rifat's cobalt h bombs he speaks of constantly.

This video is a video which appears designed to make the masses of jell heads, to 'rock to the rhythm' which can be amplified then by the demon machine to bring about the cobalt blues to the world.

I do not know if Mr. Rifat speaks on this, but he is the featured guest tonight and it would be interesting in part two of this series to hear what his insights are, as it is quite brilliant in what he has discovered in plain sight.

This was all engineered, scripted and completed for a power generation curve of an event. You will remember the clingon who sucked the life out of pasty Orlando Bloom was the demonness Hamrod's chief priestess at Hillary concerts and the DNC in 2016.

There is a great deal more in this that deserves study, including why Mr. Rifat says about married to satan comments, and in image Ms. Perry appears to be Lilith the consort of satan who kidnaps babies and sucks the life out of them, when not sucking fluids out of male penis for their wet dreams at night.

The lords and the priests are planning something in the nuclear family. It has been initiated.

The initial sampling from Perry’s upcoming studio album (her follow-up to “Prism” from 2013), “Chained to the Rhythm” was co-produced by the singer’s old pal Max Martin and features a guest appearance by Skip Marley (a.k.a. Bob’s grandson), who announces in his verse that “time is ticking for the empire.

A black anti Christ on stage who changes virginal Katy Perry in white and pink to Katy Perry in black leather  whoredom, announces that time in ticking for the empire. That would be the Anglo American empire as this is fused to the two powers the illuminati rose to rule the world for 2 centuries.
Now they are informing the world that the empire's time is running out for a new world order and the remedy is cobalt blue on the Spiritual lines of the Lost 10 to be exterminated.

A great deal of money, time and imagery for a music video lost in a few months and not made the theme of the anti war or anti nuclear protestors.