Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vivre en France

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The other night actor Richard Belzer appeared on Coast to Coast AM with that George Nouri sucking up again to Belzer's liberal amplified opinion of himself to change the channel. In the typical inflated dialogue of Belzer read it or said it, therefore it must be brilliant, he blundered out something about his sickness.

For those unaware as I was, the internet says he had cancer. That of course brings us to the point of Belzer blurting things out about medical treatment while doing the attack dog on Donald Trump and getting rid of Obamacare.

What Belzer lectured on in how bad America is, in the insurance companies charge too much (Yeah it has nothing to do with Belzer's pet foreigners not paying for health care driving up costs and Belzer's rich lawyer friends suing the hell out of everything medical.), but how absolutely great Europe is, especially France as "the last time I went to the doctor it cost me like 22 dollars".

That sounds like God's Heaven to Richard Belzer's all knowing mind, which is void of the fact that maybe France and all of Europe socialism can afford 22 dollar doctors, because since 1918, America has been stuck with the bill of defense spending in the trillions for Europe, so they could pretend how superior they were in their pompous ass Adolf Hitler transplanted regimes.

Mr. Belzer went on to state that in America his medicines would have cost tens of thousands of dollars, but in France it was just hundreds of dollars.

That sounds like the utopia of liberals again, but let us return to Lame Cherry analysis again in pointing out some realities. Now remember Richard Belzer is someone who can afford to live France, when most of you reading this can not afford to look at a picture of Quebec, and Belzer is loaded enough to live in France without working, as he retired from being he was rich enough to retire when he was suck.

How rich is Richard? 

Richard Belzer Sick - Richard Belzer Net Worth

richard belzer sick? Richard Belzer Net Worth is $16 Million. Richard Jay Belzer is an American stand-up comedian, writer, and actor; he has a net worth of $16 million.


So you got someone rich enough to be living in France, bitching about how shitty America is, how great France is, trashing Donald Trump ridding Americans of rationed death in throwing gimps off Obamacare, and Richard Belzer is as someone who has 16 million dollars sucking off of French welfare, funded by the American taxpayer on defense spending, where Americans can not afford a tank of gas, and Obama added a few trillion in bailing out Europeans, including France and Richard Belzer is paying just 22 dollars for a doctor visit when he has 16 million dollars.

I mean, would not a caring Richard Belzer who cares so very much about American poor, actually taken 16,000 dollars of his 16 million and purchased American insurance to help pay for the poor in America who have cancer or at least paid the American rate in France in full price so French people would be able to have better access to health care that Richard Belzer was taking advantage of and displacing French in the care he was taking.

Here we have another rich person, having once again money for a French house, so he can live among the peasants of France to feel superior and pretend like French intellectuals that they are so much more superior than the people with shit under their fingernails, looking for a way to make the system serve him, so he can hang onto his millions, while poor people are dying in America of cancer, because  the rich always find ways to suck off the system, while bitching at other people for staying around in America in surviving, after Richard Belzer's kind have sodomized America up the ass.

Only a liberal with 16 million dollars would never have it occur to them, that by cutting costs in France, they were cutting French and Americans out of healthcare and sentencing them to death.

It is always the same in no one speaks up for the poor in this world as it never occurs to the rich that they are exactly the thing they are damning everyone else in the world over.

Nom de Deus, 16 million dollars and so stupid you do not know 22 dollar French welfare is built on the corpses of poor Americans for almost 2 generations, and you pretend you are the caring one in the conversation.