Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why has Andrew McCabe Not Been Fired

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Finally with the firing of Direct James Comey who has a taint about him of endless scandals, begins a welcome start to the draining of the swamp, as James Comey has been at the center of disrupting the FBI for years, and has been engaged in defying the President in investigating the leakers who have been criminally placing into the media classified information designed to smear Donald Trump.

While democrats attempt to tap the drum of things Nixonian in their drive to get a Special Prosecutor for a witch hunt against the President as that is what all of this was designed for, including what Comey has  been engaged in, the President should be commended for his patience as Comey should have been fired long ago, and would have been fired by Hillary Clinton if she was in the White House.

James Comey should have been fired over the issue of his second at FBI, being involved with the Hillary Clinton campaign in his wife receiving funding, as Andrew McCabe was not even forced to recuse himself from heading the investigation into Mrs. Clinton's emails.

James Comey's deputy, Andrew McCabe, will take over the law enforcement agency.
McCabe's wife is a Democrat who ran for the state senate in 2015 in Virginia, before he was promoted to the FBI's No. 2 position.
Terry McAullife, the Virginia governor and a close friend of both the Clintons, directed $675,000 Jill McCabe's way for her campaign.
The Virginia governor's political action committee, Common Good VA, spent $467,000 on her losing campaign. The state Democratic Party gave her nearly $208,000. 
A month before McAullife's PAC made its first donation to McCabe, Hillary Clinton headlined a fundraiser for the group.
As deputy director of the FBI, it was McCabe who oversaw the investigation into Clinton's secret server, as well as the bureau's investigations into alleged terrorists and spies.
He is under review by an inspector general for his involvement in the Clinton case, in light of his wife's ties to the former presidential candidate.
Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Senate's Judiciary Committee, also asked the FBI in a March letter about McCabe's role in the Russian probe and whether it 'raises the appearance a conflict of interest in light of his wife's ties with Clinton's associates.'
The Republican lawmaker asked Comey if McCabe would be recusing himself from that investigation, suggesting in the letter that McCabe faces a possible conflict of interest.

James Comey is the first firing which must be engaged in, in the FBI leadership, in a complete house cleaning must be undertaken, as this politicization of the FBI and the entire government has created an absolute criminal culture of the system protecting itself instead of Americans.

It is time for a request of the entire FBI leadership to hand in their resignations to right the FBI to it's standing which it accomplished before James Comey and the Obama regime.

If you have noticed, there has not been a mass resignation out of FBI in support of James Comey. No one at FBI was a supporter of this political troll. If James Comey was upstanding, his agents would have joined him in support, as it is, there was only silence, because all were pleased to see him go.
In that, if Andrew McCabe had any semblance of respect for the FBI, he would have resigned.

It is time for the temporary Director of the FBI to clean house and fire Andrew McCabe.

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