Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Disease Like Ben Affleck

Sorry Jen, wearing peek a button crotch jeans will not get Ben back
......but you probably should be checked for.........things.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have concluded that Ben Affleck is the vomit of Hollywood in you wonder what dog is going to roll around in it next.

This photo of The Ben, looks like Shrink Me Ben Doll, in who gets an expensive suit made for a midget and wears it to give the impression that Ben is a big boy?


Look at those pencil legs. Looks like a Leghorn hen deprived of nutrition.

Perhaps the chicken look is in, after Ben Boy failed at Bat Boy. Dude destroyed the franchise and it killed Adam West for the disaster Affleck created, but Ben is so secure in career that he quit Netflix production of some picture, to focus on family and not being a drunk.

Apparently Ben Boy's focus was not so much family and booze, but on this Lindsay Shookus. Apparently Ben has been nailing his for two years.


She apparently has a fetish for drunks, cheaters and sweaty dwarfs as her lubrication.

See though what I mean about sweaty Ben? He either sweats or drools or can not use a straw, which points to Shookus hoping to tie the knot, get power of attorney and pull the plug as Ben Boy goes alcoholic dementia as her prenup agreement.

That woman has more thigh leg than Ben Affleck.

Speaking of leg...........


What the hell is on Ben Boy's new sex quest? Is that birth mark, flesh eating bacteria or is this some new sex disease from having the adulterous Ben Boy cover you with body fluids........or is the some alcohol burn as Ben Boy was cannonballing everclear chasers and puked it onto this bottle blonde's legs, and it gave her 3rd degree burns.

Is like you want to request fumigation of your screen when Ben Affleck appears on it, as these people just look diseased. The only good point is with Ben's little legs, you know you can run away from his, as his little legs could not propel him past a 90 year old man in a walker.

A WEBMD.......

There is this person whose symptoms are short little legs, drools all over his shirt, when he has sex with women the women's skin looks like flesh eating bacteria.........can this be Afflecknomia?

Nuff Said