Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Post Dramatic Email Pause

As a personal note.

I have been having nothing but interesting problems with this blog's email, that most of the children who write to me know the address of as hotmail is corporate terrorism, in extorting people to always  update operating systems.
I run an old laptop on XP which I like. I browse with Firefox, but Microsoft has shut that down this past month, and  I was forced into the old Internet Explorer which looked like a disaster which I have posted a photo of here.

Having enough of that bullsquat, I switched over to another email, but of course I can not go by LC, as since I have become celebrity, the world is full of culls taking my name for email accounts not me.

My point is to the friends, TL still can check hotmail as I am not ending the account. I just am in the process of transferring things which donors will figure out.  I will try and let those know in the next month who drop a note often enough.
Will not make sense to those who are not Maggie and Sandy, but I will still get your notes the way you send them, and to the Viking, Capt. Kirk, Richard & Stephanie, etc... it will get figured out over the next weeks. I just did not want people thinking I was ignoring them or anything has changed. It is just a pisser this email, and TL noticed that Richard & Stephanie's email took a day and a half to show up. That should give notice to the bleaters for Pence, Sessions and K Street that something is really changed worse than Obama, as it mirrors what the British were doing in hijacking emails in MI6 in their illegal security operation against Americans.

Popular girls, le sigh.

So that is the "fix" for now and I am pleased to be getting out of hotmail, as the history is all bad memories of ads taking forever to load, Russian hacking.........yes the Lame Cherry was the original real Russian hacking as they stole my Facebook and my hotmail account, but I love Russians as they are a poor people and no one can blame them for trying to make a buck.

It will all get sorted out, so no worries on your end. Things will be slower for a bit until the whatever is whatever. I actually am excited though as having my time wasted by the deep state is good to be free of.

Any way, I am off to Chicamauga as no vacations here. August is preparations of Civil War month in heaps of undiscovered history. The present just keeps getting in the way.

There are two kinds of bleaters in this world. Stupid people and people too stupid to know they are not that smart.

- Lame Cherry

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