Friday, July 28, 2017

A Lattke in Every Pan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had a nice note today and it is important to understand to move for a better day tomorrow, and as the Psalms say, Put not your trust in Donald Trump nor in the sons of Congressmen, as they will only disappoint.

Greetings LC, Your humble reader here, now married to my wonderful Thai lady, so resourceful and active in making a small household beautiful and practical, she is a treasure. May I offer one aside going back on the Potato Pancakes? My 87 year old mom's applesauce has always been the ideal topping for them, Jews, call them latke's and eat them that way Anyway I found it highly amusing that your Exit Laughing was preceded by Little Bobbers In the Sea. wishing you all the best, j

I never have had the opportunity to eat real Polish cuisine. As I have mentioned it, part of my Mom's side of the family were Prussian, and the above is the same food group family, Prussian, Jewish, Polish. It is strange though in the brier patch we have "Germans" and some are from Russia, others east, others west, and they all eat different. One is noodles, one is potatoes and the other is oatmeal. The Poles here have big families and eat a whole hog at a setting, just like Hawaiians.
I will have to try the applesauce, but am waiting to cook non necessary things as it is hot. I hope to put up a recipe I made yesterday of Lentile, or Pottage or Jew Stew as it sounds more fun to call it that. Is based on that stuff that Esau sold his rights for. Is a crock pot thing and is ok for a change.

How to Make Perfect Latkes Every Time - Tips, Recipes and Tutorials

I know everyone is displeased with this genocide regime we have after we have worked so hard to save America, but I am asking each of you to please let go of it, and not internalize this toxicity. It is good to get fired up about things to get into another day, but do not allow this cesspool to pollute your lives in your feeling dejected because a bunch of traitors are destroying the West. The best in this is to let go. Let them go down the chute and not be dragged in after them.
Do not act out, just trust in the Lord that the consuming force they are will consume them all evil does consume itself.
For those who had sympathy for John McCain, he just killed another million people on Obamacare and another million babies in aborticide, as he grinned sitting with democrats in the Senate. Learn who to have compassion on.  Learn to not gloat over people going down, but do not help them to destroy you.

You have to let go of this world and get off the emotional roller coaster, because this world is not going to last.

I have been on edge for over a month now and feel like an open wound. Bad things were unleashed here again in a baby calf died for no reason. I presume a larger cow stepped on his heart region, damaged him and that thing never happens, so it is your toxic evil being amplified by satan all through the world, and it will come back on you brats, so you are not doing yourselves any favors.
As for being on edge, I can feel something out there. It has been generating, resetting, and moving to a new window. It will keep resetting until resistance against it is overcome. It will grow until it can not be stopped. It is better in cause and effect in the long run if it happens sooner than later.
I know it is not here in the brier patch, but it is out there. I will not inquire into details as I am done being popular. Rage will follow this event as the cartel intends. It is connected to other situations which are being covered up. This is a diversion and all will be diverted.

From a ebb and flow standpoint, I conclude scientifically, the sooner the cartel produces an event, the evil will be fed and diverted, then all my things will not die and I will not have as much to deal with, nor will the Christians of this flock.

Just let go of the turmoil and let it sweep away from each of you, and not let it drag you with it. There will be a reckoning as the Mockingbird has been conditioning you with many events. When something happens though, just step back and do not get emotionally led by it, and instead ask yourself what lies you are being told.
You are on edge for a reason, 200 million raging souls in the future are in the current.

With that, God bless the Good, shield you in His Care and Protection in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

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