Friday, July 28, 2017

Economic Matrix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On schedule the stock markets are closing on the gap of 21,700 to 21,800 as the top before a predicted correction begins to initiate.

Dow 30
+85.54 (+0.39%)

Q2 GDP will be a key driver for the equity markets especially following the weak Durable Goods Orders on Monday.
The Dow Jones is currently in a 5.25% move higher that if completes would translate to the Dow hitting 21,700 to 21,800.
Both momentum indicators and price action lean towards the probability of a correction lower following a touch of the 21,800 level.

Buy options have been driving the market in the artificial intelligence running the markets in the key 21,550 which was reached, and the market has now reached the predicted peak.

A break above 21,550 (buy orders likely above this level) might propel the Dow to 21,700 to 21,800. Typically the breakout travels the length of the pullback or in this case, 200 points.

Do not believe the garbage on banks driving this, as the banks, your regional banks are in bad cash situations. They are setting new ways to gouge people, focusing on "inactive accounts" that poor people have to gouge them to reactivate them or to seize those millions in funds.
They keep saying that the economy is stronger, but all the data is stating otherwise. It is the same in the home sales, in the keepers never tell you it is foreigners buying the homes. The Americans are out of cash.

Inquiry in the time line is pointing to a 22,000 on August 4th, and the correction on August 6th, with trading suspended in the interim.

We will see how this time line holds in the bubbling brooks of the matrix.