Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Prayer for All God's Children

Almighty Father, nothing is a surprise to You as You know all. So many of Your children are distressed in these times and some are in need of the healing which only You can provide.

We believe in the Promises of Your Word. By Your wounds we are healed. You are our Physician. By You through Christ our Father in Heaven, You healed all by Faith and overcame the world for us.

You are the Resurrection and the Life. You are our Restoration and our Recovery. We receive all of Your healing with knowing You love us with a love which overflows and that same love flows from You as the woman who simply touched Christ's robe and Your healing Restoration came into her, because she desired Your Presence.

You are greater than the doubts and fears which satan tells us of. We know that You are Faithful and True. There is none like You and no God but You. You are our God and we are Your expectant children. You know the feelings of our hearts and the Holy Ghost prays those groanings in Spirit in words which are beyond our words, but they reach You, touch You, and You know us in our thoughts, feelings and prayers.

We ask for Your healing upon each of us Father in every form, not for our sakes, but for Your Glory and Honor, for only You save. We bless You Father and beseech You to enhance the medicines, guide the doctors and to uphold us in believing for us when our Faith is weakened by the situation we see and need to remember You are the Reality of our healing which will appear.

God pour out Your perfecting Spirit into all of Your children. Deliver us from all evil Father as the Lord Christ taught us to pray. Bring to us the outcome of rejoicing in Your healing, so that Your work through us will be a Light to the people who are afraid of their own faults to ever come to You.

You are our Creator, our Lord and our God. You hear our prayers with our fervent desires in Your  Caring for us as You formed us in the womb, knew us before we were here, are here with us now, and we will be with You forever.

Accomplish our prayer Father and perfect our  petition to You with Your Wisdom, so that the best results will always be for us Your children, in Jesus Name we humble pray, Amen, Amen and Amen