Thursday, July 20, 2017

Time to Repent John McCain

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If John McCain loved America and was the hero the liberals all are fawning over now that Mr. McCain is not well, he would resign from the Senate and the Governor of Arizona would appoint former Governor Jan Brewer, who would be an all of President Trump and vote for repeal of Obamacare.

John McCain though is not this type of selfless individual. He is a self centered bully and a traitor who collaborated with the North Vietnamese. He will seek out Jimmy Carter's remedy for a cure and if that is not allowed, then all of us will have to deal with John McCain lying in state and endless lies told about him like those below, as this is the same John McCain who destroyed George W. Bush's presidency and is in the process of destroying the Donald Trump presidency.

McCain should have retired and not run in 2008 as it brought about Obama. McCain should have retired and Jan Brewer could have been in the Senate elected by the People of Arizona, and America would not be held hostage to this rationed death.

Sidler Mike Pence

Image of coup plotter Obama

Crooked Hillary Hamrod Clinton

Crazy Tim Kaine

Like all of these scoundrels betraying America, John McCain has been given a chance to confess all of his crimes, as unless the Jews for Jimmy Carter come through, he will be facing Christ and there are no clever Gang of 8 to run interference for him then.

It is time to repent John McCain and submit to Christ as your only Savior.

Then again the Reagan Americans are not tweeting leftist garbage about John McCain fiction. They are looking for the scales of the balance to be evened out for all the betrayal John McCain injured billions, and is still injuring people with rationed death in Obamacare.

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Now, now Megs, play nice as daddy made lots of enemies in America and outside America, and without his giving you cover, you might be finding your career on selling it on the street.

Remember turn the other cheek Megs.