Saturday, July 29, 2017

Assessment of John Kelly

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

John Kelly is old at 67. He is an old man in a young man's job as Chief of Staff.

He talks tough in the President needing to take the sword to the President, but has apparently never killed anyone in hand to hand combat. He is a theater warrior who has other people do the killing for him.

At Homeland, he revealed he likes letting terrorists into America, as he talks about closing the border. He likes talking to Congress about laws to fix things like amnesty, as he everyone is to be gung ho supporting those who protect Americans. He is flat on his feet and one dimensional in thinking there are rules to follow and honorable things.

Homeland accomplished nothing under John Kelly. The White House will be a place of Kelly threats, Scaramucci threats, and the coup plotters will simply being better at the operation, and the leaks will soon enough be about Kelly.

Mr. President is most comfortable with old White men who have guns to get the Trump things done.

Assessment, if John Kelly becomes HR Halderman in a gatekeeper, and initiates his own police state to militarize the White House he will fail, because Neocon McMasters, and the Jew libs of Kushner and Cohn will end run him.

There will not be any legislation of substance for Mr. President, and John Kelly has no asset for this necessity. Reince Priebus and Mike Pence were responsible for that agenda deliberately failing, so all the President has is foreign policy he is losing at for failed Russian policy with importing 'Visa' terrorists thanks to Kelly and Tillerson.

The President is an arena event, but he has absolutely no political sense as Bill Clinton's finger to the wind or the legendary Richard Nixon., whose core group of Lee Atwater, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Ed Rollins. Kushner computer programs and bribes do not make a political agenda.

John McCain is now the failed President, and unless John Kelly is going to deal with the elected President's enemies, the Trump White House has now gone into their works, and it will only be time before Mike Pence surrenders Trump when the real events overtake this White House.

Ridding oneself of the castrated Reince Priebus for the sedimentary John Kelly, is no more effective than bouncing Sean Spicer for the fire starter Anthony Scaramucci. Can't build a 2018 election with someone having both feet stuck in the mud and one burning the house down.

Mr. President needed the Christians who are the heavy lifters to get things done. All he has are hors d'oeuvre when he needed beef steak.

Assessment ends.

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