Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's Justine Damond's Fault

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry simply adores the Prime Minister of Australia for not protecting one of his Citizens who was murdered in Minneapolis Minnesota USA.
The Lame Cherry simple adores the Trump Administration for remaining silent on this murder, where the Obama regime could not jump into States affairs fast enough when it came to black's being shot by the police.
The Lame Cherry simply adores that Jeff Sessions is throwing Americans into prison for protesting in the Bundy's on life sentences and is not protecting Justine Damond.

All of the above is satire, as much as the Lame Cherry simply adores the regime of Mark Dayton of Minnesota and the liberals  of Minneapolis, allowing a Muslim to murder a White woman, and then looking for a ways to frame Justine Damond.

According to court records released on Wednesday, investigators asked for two search warrants, one for the alley behind Justine's house where she reported a potential rape, and another for her house itself.

Yes as Justine Damond's ashes are about to enter the Pacific Ocean in Australia, complete with fine traces of American bullet fragments among her charred ashes.

There are two points in liberal Minnesota politics for Muslim terrorists, Donald Trump's policy of importing more Muslim terrorists, Australian liberals who promoted terrorists shipped to America, and Minnesota investigators who are involved in a cover up of an innocent woman being murdered like LaVoy Finicum, and protecting the murder.

There are two key points in this frame up:

The claim that Justine Damond "slapped" the back of the patrol car as she approached it.

The reality that the Minneapolis investigators searched Justine Damond's home looking to frame her with DNA, weapon's and drugs.

There is a problem in the story of Noor and Harrity, as they were driving around without their lights on that night, expecting an ambush, by Muslim Somalians in that alley, and that is now TWO VERSIONS EXIST.

Version 1: Noor heard a 'shot' which was a bottle rocket going off.

Version 2: Noor heard a woman slapping the back of the patrol car.
 Muslim Noor has a most remarkable memory hearing, as his first version was fireworks made him murder someone, and once that flimsy story was exposed in actual time line recordings of NO EXPLOSIVE SOUNDS, Muslim Noor suddenly remembered hearing a woman slap the back of the patrol car.

Now for a police procedure review, in a situation like that in a person approaching a car and slapping it, the officer is to drive away to provide operational space or the officer as in Noor is to exit the car, using the car as cover, and command the suspect:


Incorrect response is to draw your weapon inside the vehicle, and as your partner opens the door and begin to exit the vehicle, fire across your partner, blowing his ear drum out, and gut shooting the person who at this range you know does not have a weapon in their hand.

One last point, for Muslim Noor to murder Justine Damond, she had to have advanced to the FRONT of the driver door, as Harrity was opening the door. No person intending to ambush a police officer, is going to present themselves to be shot, but is instead going to remain on the left blindside and fire if they have a weapon.

For the review in the above, Noor and Harrity have told two stories. That is perjury and negates all immunity, and negates any legal defense to dismiss a case, because of the jeopardy which takes place when a Minneapolis investigation speaks to an officer under investigation, and provides a type of immunity protecting a murderer.

The law is known as the Garrity Warning in Minnesota, and means that public employees under internal investigation are given the option to provide information or face disciplinary action.
'Because you are being required to provide information under the threat of disciplinary action, the information you provide, and any evidence resulting from the information you provide, cannot and will not be used against you in any subsequent criminal proceeding,' the warning reads.
A number of unrelated felony criminal cases in America are reportedly relying on the same law to have their client's cases thrown out, claiming prosecutors used internal interviews to build up their own cases.

Yes the silent Muslim in Mohamed Noor, is protected by the system from murder of not talking, and when he does talk, the terrorist can not be prosecuted.

You are missing something in this though in the protection of Muslim terrorists murdering Australian White women in Minnesota, and that is the evidence which was searched for.

Body fluids, DNA, drugs and weapons.

Yes, all of the above can be utilized to frame Justine Damond as a drug crazed foreign bitch, fucking Niggers in the alley, for dime bags, and  she had her own illegal weapon's stash as this Ozzie Dealer is the Somali Muslim connection of all the dope deals in Minneapolis.

But all of the above also indicate that evidence was found in that alley, proving Justine Damond was telling the Truth, and that this alley was a location that Minneapolis police were allowing in a residential neighborhood to be a distribution and prostitution location.
This would fit in with the "ambush" story and the reason a Somalian Muslim was warned off in the open war this would cause if the metro PD ever interfered with the commerce engaged there.

None of that matters though as Jeff Sessions is going to sit there, until Minneapolis investigators blow this case, instead of doing his job in this is an international crime of murder of a foreign national in the  United States, while Mr. Sessions focuses on grabbing American guns, seizing American Citizen property and throwing more political prisoners into death sentences in Nevada, rather than protecting the People from Muslim terrorists wearing police uniforms.

Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood, Mohamed Noor in Minneapolis, exact same response in Eric Holder  and Jeff Sessions in not one mention of radical Islam in America.

It is just easier to frame Justine Damond, and keep that Muslim money coming in to the political elite. A White woman, who perhaps touched the back of a police car in collapsed relief as these cops finally showed up and she was grateful the brutal rape she had been hearing for over 15 minutes by Somali Muslims was going to bring relief to that woman, but instead another Somali Muslim pumped one into the gut of Justine could Justine Damond actually witnessed some Somali Muslim in that back alley and Mohamed Noor was under jihad orders to protect his Muslim terrorists and murder another White Western Citizen.

We will never know due to the incompetence of Jeff Sessions, Rob Rosenstein, the cover up the Minneapolis police, and all of that money flowing into Ivanka Trump's accounts by rich Saudi Muslims.

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