Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kang Kong Size Muslim Problem

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During the American Civil War, United States Army officers took it upon themselves to censor the enlisted from listening to peace initiatives, nor political pieces against President Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 AD in the year of our Lord Presidential election. This saved the Union.

There are American military protocols to not fuck nor marry the local populations, and that once included interacting with them, as an army fucking and shitting with the populations, become indoctrinated by those populations in a Stockholm Syndrome brainwashing.

In this era of Obama of sodom up the ass homosexuals in the US military and appointing in those wonderful Muslims, Jews, Communists and Jesuits, which Donald Trump embraces, has rewarded more problems in another expensive destruction of an American Soldier.

A 34-year-old active-duty U.S. soldier stationed in Hawaii was arrested late Saturday evening and charged with providing material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the FBI announced on Monday.
The individual, identified by the FBI as Ikaika Erik Kang, was arrested at his home in Waipahu

.........and what caused this change in Sgt. Kang? Studying Islam after being in Islam lands and not segregated out by the Pentgaon.

Kang told the paper that his son started studying the Muslim faith during one of his deployments and that he had last seen him about two weeks ago.

...........and what types of Muslim wet dreams did he have? Pouring Drano in people's eyes.

“Kang added that he was still angry at a civilian who had taken away his air traffic controller’s license, and that he wanted to torture him. Kang said that if he ever saw him again, he would tie him down and pour Drano in his eyes,” the affidavit reads.

This blog has proven that Islam is a cult which appeals to the downtrodden, in providing them a reality where they can torture, murder and gain relief from personal hurts, by simply acting out in violence. The time has come for a ban on all Islamic teachings and associations by those in the US military.

Of  course with Ivanka getting millions in bribes from Muslims, and her daddy importing as many Muslims to America as Islamist Obama, the cancer in the US military will continue to degrade it, until the day arrives that several of these indoctrinated troubled souls, does some real damage in turning America's WMD's on Americans or perhaps turning off American electronic defenses for the Chicoms.

America is not rotting from within. America is rotted from within, and it is only a matter of time before the virus outnumbers the body politic in the America.

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