Sunday, July 16, 2017

Make America Trumped Again

How did we know in Trump Speak that never forgotten again
actually means till Inauguration Day

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump Brand in the geniuses of Ivanka and Priebus apparently has decided that the fix in all of this problems of Donald Trump Brand is to go on a 3 week messaging binge.

WASHINGTON—The White House on Monday will embark on a three-week messaging campaign aimed at refocusing attention on President Donald Trump’s agenda and framing a debate later this summer over rewriting the U.S. tax code.

Then again maybe Donald Trump's problem is the message of Trump Brand is getting out and Americans are understanding the message. Here are a few examples:

Donald Trump screwed over the coal industry and Americans, by pushing sales of American Natural Gas to Europe, which will drive up American prices more and destroy the coal industry.

Donald Trump has Midget Macron of France now telling the world that Donald Trump has signed onto Global Warming.

Donald Trump signed the UN Agenda 2030 of global control of industry at the G 20.

Donald Trump did not get America out of the Paris Accords.

Donald Trump has been banning guns which Americans can not now purchase.

Donald Trump is still prosecuting the American political prisoners in the Bundy's just like Obama.

Donald Trump has liberal Jews running the White House in Gary Cohn and the Kushners, who will not even meet Christians in pure bigotry.

Those are just the top Trump Message stories and the message is getting out and understood. More bull crap about America First, is a bit like the Forgotten Americans all booted to the curb, as Donald Trump has imported as many terror Muslims as Obama, so when the chit hits the fan, except for the few artful dodges that Donald Trump is attempting to feint with to con Americans that he really is the Donald Trump of 2016, that what Americans are witnessing is Obama's 3rd Term.

For some reason Americans do not want to be led by a French pedophile or die under terror nukes.

But just keep thinking it is the message there Mr. High Rise, as Trumpenfuror was selling the same message two weeks ago in being so concerned about the Trump voters, as she threw them under the bus in Germany again.

Trust is all you have Mr. President and you are acting like the 12 times caught cheating husband, that we are to believe your lips, and not the lipstick on your dick.

If you think this is a message problem Mr. Trump, you might as well sign the resignation paper today, as Mike Pence will be forcing you to sign it soon enough, as Americans have had enough of your blow hard, they want actions, as they prove louder than words.

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