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Minnesota Held Hostage by Somali Muslim Terrorist

 Call for answers: Don Damond, Justine's fiance,  fought back tears as he said earlier this week that the cops have failed to provide any explanation

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The MURDER of Justine Damond in Minneapolis Minnesota by a Somali Muslim terrorist, wearing a police officer uniform provided him by liberal Governor Mark Dayton, the accomplice of this murdering of a White woman, is an issue now that the murderer, Mohamed Noor is holding the entire state of Minnesota hostage, in refusing to cooperate with the investigation, as this terrorist has lawyered up, as much as the deafening silence of Governor Mark Dayton and the pathetic response by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodge who is responsible for this Affirmative Action terrorism as much as Al Franken and Keith Ellison.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodge said: 'We do have more information, though it's frustrating to have some of the picture but not all of it.
 We cannot compel officer Noor to make a statement; I wish we could. I wish that he would make a statement.'

Welcome to Terror USA where the terrorists have more rights than Citizens or the Assaulted LEGAL foreigners who should be protected from being murdered.

There are realities in this which are damning, as we are learning that Justine Damond did everything absolutely right. EVERYTHING. She phoned 911. She told the police who she was. She reported exactly what had taken place and what was happening in a rape.
That bears repeating in a RAPE was taking place on this night in the alley behind this residence. It was loud. It was brutal and it was obnoxious, whether it was a criminal assault or some pathetic rape fantasy. The fact is a rape was taking place, the Minneapolis police knew it, and they did not appear.

In the time sequence, we know that 8 minutes elapsed from the time of the report, until another call was placed by Ms. Damond asking if the police got the wrong address as a RAPE WAS TAKING PLACE.
She is assured the police are on the way as it appears 10 to 15 minutes lapse between the call and the events of the murder.

911 Transcript Call

Incident Number: 17-265936 July 15, 2017; 23.27:02
Time: 23:27:02
Operator: 911, what's the address of the emergency?
Caller: Hi, I'm, I can hear someone out the back and I, I'm not sure if she's having sex or being raped.
Operator: Give me the address.
Caller: XXXX Washburn Avenue South.
Operator: Washburn Avenue South. You said it's behind (inaudible)?
Caller: And there's a (inaudible) out the back, yup, yup. And I think she just yelled out 'help,' but it's difficult the sound has been going on for a while, but I think, I don't think she's enjoying it. I think it's, I don't know.
Operator: Okay, already got a call started and help on the way. Uh, you can't see anything, you're just hearing a female screaming then, is that what you're saying?
Caller: Yeah. It sounds like sex noises, but it's been going on for a while and I think she tried to say help and it sounds distressed.
Operator: Okay, I've already got an officer on the way. What is your name?
Caller: JUSTINE.
Operator: JUSTINE, what's your last name?
Caller: JUSTINE.
Operator: JUSTINE.
Caller: Yeah.
Operator: And a phone number?
Operator: Okay, we've already got help on the way. If anything changes before we get there just give us a call right back, but officers should be there soon.
Caller: Thanks.
Operator: Okay, not a problem.

Operator: 911, what is the address of the emergency?
Caller: Hi, I just reported one, but no one's here and was wondering if they gotthe address wrong.
Operator: What's the address?
Caller: XXXX Washburn Avenue South. It supposed to be Washburn Avenue South.
Operator: Are you JUSTINE?
Caller: Yeah, (inaudible).
Operator: You're hearing a female screaming?
Caller: Yes, along behind the house.
Operator: Yup, officers are on the way there.
Caller: Thank you.
Operator: You're welcome, bye. 

We know that a female is screaming in being raped. We also know something more damning in the police cruiser rolled up in the back of the alley, NOT THE FRONT WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE APPEARED TO SPEAK TO MS. DAMOND TO ASSESS THE SITUATION AND TO VERIFY HER POSITION FOR HER SAFETY.

What takes place next is beyond comprehension, as the police cruiser has it's LIGHTS OFF. It is driving down the street, and then down a back alley with it's lights off. This is beyond dangerous and illegal. This is beyond protect and serve as a WOMAN BEING RAPED needs to have that assault stopped immediately, so the rapist who may be beating her head in or strangling her to silence her. Instead the Minneapolis police is rolling up silent in stealth, and the cruiser than proceeds to roll down the back alley to the front, not knowing if a woman is laying in the path of the car or if a rapist is waiting to blow the officers away, because the officers can not see in the dark, because they have their lights off.

It is at this point that Justine Diamond realizes the police have arrived, and she moves on her property toward the vehicle, waving for help  and to gain their attention as she approaches the police on her property in the front of the alley.

The official dispatch transcript reveals  more damning evidence in this murder, because the White officer is apparently opening his door. One must remember in the backdrop of this, there is chatter from the TAC which is distracting, but the essence is that fireworks are going off in bangs are heard.
In Minnesota it is illegal to have fireworks and to light them in Minneapolis. The laws are not being enforced for fireworks nor for rape.

It is at this point that the Somali terrorist, unbeknownst to the White officer has violated all protocols in drawing his weapon, pointing it in the direction of another officer, and firing through the White officer, at 'someone' who is in the dark, but having absolutely no threatening presence, and strikes Justine Damond in the abdomen.
As it is a fatal hit, logical conclusion is Mohamed Noor was unprofessional and unskilled in the shot, in he did not center it, but in excitement pulled the shot right or left, depending on his dominant hand and struck the major artery chain on the right or left side of the abdomen where Ms. Damond hemorrhaged several pints of blood and bled out in moments.

The White officer begins a cover up, as the "Uh shots fired", leaves the impression that they have been fired on. It is followed with " We got one down", verifies the police have fired on someone, but the inference is they have just shot a rapist and not Justine Damond.

This is beyond all excuse and all professionalism.

Transcript of Dispatch and Minneapolis Police

Dispatch: “Squad 530 to 5024 Washburn Avenue South. Female screaming behind the building.”
Officer: “530, uh, shots fired. Can we get EMS Code 3 Washburn and 51st Street? We got one down.”
Dispatch: “Copy. Shots fired at Washburn and 53rd Street. Correction 51st. Sergeant to acknowledge shots fired and one down at Washburn.”
Officer: “Copy”
Dispatch: “Copy 502”
Officer: “506 as well”
Dispatch: “Copy 506”
Officer: (garbled)
Dispatch: “Copy”
Officer: “530, I’m starting CPR.”
Dispatch: “Copy 530, starting CPR.”
Officer: “530, we’re north of the alleyway, 51st Street, Washburn even side.”
Dispatch: “Copy north of alley, 51st Street, even side. 5520 arrived (garbled). Squad 530 are you Code 4 for medical?”
Officer: “530 Code 4 for medical.”
Dispatch: “530 Code 4 for medical at 23:45.”
Officer: “530, there are no suspects at large.”
Dispatch: “Copy 530, no suspects at large.”
Officer: “520, where is EMS on this?”
Dispatch: “EMS is coming. Rescue is coming.”
Officer: “502 they’re behind me at 53rd and Oliver.”
Officer: “Rescue’s arrived.”
Officer: (garbled) “The next squad in, if they could block eastbound traffic at 51st and Xerxes. I have 51st and Washburn right here.”
Officer: “521, we’ll be there.”
Officer: (garbled) “I see the alley blocked off on the very north side, block 50th please.”
Officer: “502, I’m on scene.”
Dispatch: “Copy 502 on scene.”
Officer: “5502 I’ll be arriving in a block.”
Dispatch: “5502 arriving in a block.”
Dispatch: "Information for 5th Precinct. Sergeant to acknowledge the sound of shots fired. 119 33rd Street West. Two shots heard from the east."
Officer: (garbled)
Dispatch: (garbled) "Copy 505"
Officer: "541"
Dispatch: "541"
Officer: "We heard those sounds from the station. Those are probably aerial fireworks."
Dispatch: "Copy 541. Those shots are possibly aerial fireworks."
Officer: "505"
Dispatch: "505"
Officer: (garbled)
Dispatch: "505. Last words came in broken. 505. Came in broken."
Officer: “505 we’re requesting response cars because we have squads tied up with this shooting.”
Dispatch: “Copy requesting response cars.”
Dispatch: “Squad 505, are those response cars for 911 or to the scene?”
Officer: “Um, for now they can come to answer 911 calls and if we need them they can go to the scene. But for now 911 response.”
Dispatch: “Copy 505.”
Officer: “5502 have car 9 call me please.”
Officer: “Car 9, I’m actually on the way out to Washburn.”
Officer: “502 (garbled)”
Dispatch: “Squad 505, precinct 3 and 4 have shootings right now. We are still checking on 1st and 3rd.”

What is the reality in this, is the Minneapolis police department violated every directive possible. The mode of operation in this was not protecting a woman being raped, but using the raped woman as bait to collar a rapist. The first PRIORITY in this situation is to secure the women on scene, in first knowing the exact location of Justine Damond, and then progressing to finding the woman being raped in securing her.

But Noor was in breach of his own police department's strict bodycam rules and now faces severe punishment, even if exonerated and could lose his job for not following the guidelines.
The officer knew he was compelled to switch on his body camera and record his interactions when answering a 911 call to reports of a sexual assault.

This was a homicide, not a righteous shooting. This is murder in thee most heinous violation of public trust.  There must be a Federal Grand Jury convened by a US Attorney to give evidence for the collusion of Governor Mark Dayton and Mayor Betsy Hodge who have perpetuated this racist antagonism against Whites in Minnesota.
The guilt in this is Minneapolis Chief of Police as this is his responsibility as an accomplice to the terror murderer Mohamed Noor.

Mohamed Noor belongs indicted on first degree murder of Justine Damond, first degree reckless homicide in endangering Officer Harrity, reckless endangerment of the public and reckless discharge of a weapon.

Mohamed Noor must have his passport seized before he flees America back to terror Somalia, as he disappears into the Minnesota African terror Muslim network.

As Minnesota ignorantly does not have the death penalty, this falls to the federal regime of the silent President Trump to demand Jeff Sessions to try this case in federal court, where when this Somali Muslim is convicted, will be executed for this murder of the innocent Justine Damond.

Officer Harrity must be fired as much as the Chief of Police. The Governor and Mayor must face charges of aiding terrorism in America by this affirmative action promotion of a Muslim psychotic.

The chances of Justice being served in this by Jeff Sessions are nil, as Mr. Sessions is too busy persecuting political prisoners in Nevada in the Bundy Patriots and seeking ways to prosecute Americans for having guns. There must be a call though to cut through the propaganda protecting Muslim murder in America as the Ivanka Brand takes Saudi donations like Hillary Clinton and the entire democratic party enables Islamic terrorism in America starting with the worst Muslim terrorist of the past decade in Birther Hussein Obama.

Minnesota and America are held hostage by this Muslim Terrorist in Minnesota, who is thwarting US Justice and that same system is protecting the murdering Mohamed Noor while the innocent Justine Damond had her most precious rights stolen from her, in her life.

Justice for Justine Damond, as Minneapolis Minnesota is protecting an Islamic murderer.

He speaks: Mohamed Noor has told friends - but not state investigators - what happened in the alleyway on Saturday night which ended in the death of Justine Damond
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