Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Robber Hood Sessions

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With the murder of an Australian by a Somali terrorist in police officer uniform in Minnesota, it was fitting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would arrive there to announce the Robber Hood Sessions Policy of the Trump regime.

The basis of this is, is that the federal regime of Donald Trump can seize your American home, American car, American bank account for just suspecting you of a crime, and confiscating all you own is accomplished without indictment or trial. Jeff Sessions has expanded the draconian policies under the Obama regime, in now targeting Americans. You will probably be most displeased to know the areas in your life where Robber Hood Sessions is coming after you.

  1. Your firearms are now a federal target by Jeff Sessions.
  2. "Immigrant Offenses", but this will not include the President for importing terrorists.
  3. Gang Activity, as Wall Street must have its competitors removed by the police state.
  4. Seizing private property

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department will issue new directives to increase the federal govenment's use of civil asset forfeiture, a controversial practice that allows law enforcement to seize property from suspected criminals without charging them with a crime.

Speaking at a National District Attorneys Association conference in Minneapolis Monday, Sessions said state and local law enforcement could expect changes from U.S. Attorneys in several areas: increased prosecution of gun crimes, immigration offenses, gang activity, and prescription drug abuse, as well as increased asset seizure by the federal government.

This should all be alarming and it is alarming everyone, including Senator Mike Lee, as there was a thing called a Constitution which provides for the Right of Trial by Jury, and no American Government can confiscate Citizen property until after that Citizen is convicted.
That though has all been expanded upon by Robber Hood Sessions, as last week it was protecting leakers against the President, this week it was Somali warlords if cop suits murdering White women in their driveways in Minneapolis and tomorrow it will be Jeff  Sessions stealing all you have, because he suspects you of being a criminal.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), a consistent Republican advocate for reforming asset forfeiture laws, said in a statement to Reason Monday: "As Justice Thomas has previously said, there are serious constitutional concerns regarding modern civil asset forfeiture practices. The Department has an obligation to consider due process constraints in crafting its civil asset forfeiture policies."
The Justice Department plays a huge role in asset forfeiture through its Equitable Sharing Program, which allows state and local police to have their forfeiture cases "adopted" by the federal government. The feds take over the case, and the seized money is put into the equitable sharing pool. In return, the department gets up to 80 percent of those funds back. The equitable sharing program distributes hundreds of millions of dollars a year to police departments around the country.
If the above was the mafia, this would be called a protection racket, and Jeff Sessions would be serving 20 years to life for this scheme.

It is not though the mafia, it is instead the deep state which Jeff Sessions has been a sleeper in for his entire rise to power, and how he rose to power. Jeff Sessions is literally circumventing State Law by having his federal police seize property of anyone that the massive Homeland device is ordered to target.

"Reversing the ban on adoptive seizures would revive one of the most notorious forms of forfeiture abuse," Sheth said. "So-called 'adoptive' seizures allow state and local law enforcement to circumvent state-law limitations on civil forfeiture by seizing property and then transferring it to federal prosecutors for forfeiture under federal law. Bringing back adoptive seizures would create a road map to circumvent state-level forfeiture reforms."

An interesting point in this, is under Obama Bush, 2.5 billion dollars were stolen from Americans, but those are old figures in 3 years past. It is certain that under Robber Hood, that Jeff Sessions will have trillions in confiscating people's homes for pets pooping on the sidewalk, and their bank accounts for posting on Facebook. There are absolutely no limitations on this State or Federal directive.  ANY law enforcement can claim you are a suspect and by the courts confiscate even the crumbs in your house a mouse is eating.

A 2014 Washington Post investigative series found that warrantless police seizures of cash through the equitable sharing program have boomed since 9/11, hauling in $2.5 billion.

As is noted in this, the Ivanka Brand who have the lawyers and donate to politicians never have their property confiscated, because the real gleaning of the bleaters is the poor. Poor slums like Chicago and Mississippi are prime hunting grounds in exploiting the poor, as they have no resources to challenge this in the courts and simply must be exiled from their own communities, as law enforcement has stolen all they have without trial or conviction.

Reason investigations of asset forfeiture data showed that Chicago's poor neighborhoods were hit hardest by asset forfeiture. Meanwhile in Mississippi, law enforcement recorded many big hauls of cash, but state court records were also littered with petty and abusive seizures.
So Jeff Sessions is now the cartel boss of Justice Department, overseeing a massively expanding police state which funds its bonuses by stealing your property, and disenfranchises every American from redress because those Americans can not afford an attorney to bankrupt them, in trying to appeal to regain their rightful property.

See this was supposed to be Jeff Sessions going after coup plotters and terrorists, but instead Jeff Sessions is coming after Americans as the Sessions of Nottingham for King Donald John as we are now all the chattel of the American Sherwood Forest.

You remember that when you see the cheerleaders in the MOG media championing all of this anti American and unConstitutional mandates obliterating your rights, in just who is paying their website 6 figure salaries leading you to your end, as you are too clever to donate here, in the one remaining voice warning you of what is coming.

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