Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fetus McCain was conceived with a Blood Clot

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As noted by the legendary cuckservative blogger Sunprancer........

Well it certainly has answered a number of puzzling questions over the years, in why John McCain acts crazier than a loon, in doctors had to punch a hole in his brain, stick in a vacuum cleaner hose and suck out a blood clot bigger than python apparently, as this is what has caused the nutso things of John McCain since he was kicking it around in the womb.

PAPER: McCain blood clot could have caused bizarre behavior...

This diary entry from Mrs. McCain, also known as Mum McCain is telling:

November 23rd, 1935

Thought I had some bad turkey, or as this is Panama, some bad parrot for Thanksgiving, but had sex with husband and am pregnant. Fetus McCain is rolling around in me like Montezuma's Revenge in my colon.

December 25, 1935

Received a nice sponge to wash husband off as my Christmas present. The other gift husband gave on Thanksgiving still feels like a bad case of diarrhea in my vagina.

February 14, 1936

Fetus McCain has been on a rampage kicking my ovaries.

May 1, 1936

Fetus McCain likes it when the radio plays the Funny Farm song, in they're coming to take me away.

June 30, 1936

Asked my priest if it is possible to have a demon possessed fetus.

July 13, 1936

Asked the voodoo witch doctor if he could cast a spell to exorcise Fetus McCain

August 19, 1936

Have picked out several names for Fetus McCain, Psycho, Wacko and John.

It is obvious from the diary entries above, that John McCain suffered from congenital blood clot brain from the conception stage. It is the reason he was a collaborate with the enemy, why he left his sick wife, and why he keeps funding terrorists trying to murder Americans in Syria and operatives in Ukraine to smear Donald Trump.

It is obvious now that congenital blood clot brain is a disease which can be transmitted.

Look at the list of the contacts John McCain has had.

Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden

Jeb Bush

It is obvious that all of the above had confirmed blood clots in their brains or like Jeb just are goofy acting like John McCain. The common denominator is John McCain personal contact.

In noting the above, it is imperative that all of the strange acting politicians and judiciary in Washington have emergency holes drilled into their heads, and a Hoover tube attached to suck out all of those blood clots in Paul Ryans, Mitch McConnells, John Roberts, Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, Nancy Pelosis brains.

Lord help that poor Nancy Pelosi as she has clot the size of a tanker by how wacko she acts and that poor Lindsey Graham has a clot pressing on his faggot part of his brain, as I am certain Lindsey would be like Tarzan if not for contracting the McCain transmitted blood clot.

With all of these clots about, I advocate that Gary Cohn and Ivanka Kushner begin trading them on Wall Street, instead of the carbon tax sham. I am sure the Chicoms will invest in them, as they are into things like Seahorse Penis and Rhino Horn to enhance virility.

 The only problem in this is, when John McCain begins acting crazy again, it only proves that John McCain caught it from someone else acting crazy in Washington......but who could that be.