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Target Manafort

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Take for example, you are walking down the street and you see a car parked and the meter is expired, but the car is parked in a zone where parking is free from 8 pm to 6 am, and it is 10 pm as you just got out of the movie, From Russia With Love, which you got a free pass for in picking up your neighbor's mail.

Next thing you know is Robert Mueller is banging on your door,  as that car parked there was Donald Trump's and he wants to know why you did not report him to the police, because the meter was expired.

You reply, no one was breaking any law, and the next thing you know is Robert Mueller is going through your bank accounts searching for criminal things, to indict you on to, force you to say Donald Trump was parked illegally........

That is exactly the witch hunt that is surrounded Paul Manafort who worked a few short weeks for the Trump campaign last summer. Robert Mueller in looking into this fake Russian hacking, is sifting through all of Paul Manafort's consulting finances, carried out during the Bush and Obama years which was completely government sanctioned in dealing with Ukraine, because those regimes hated Vladimir Putin.

Manafort notably worked for former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych in the run-up to the 2014 public uprising and parliament vote that ended his reign,

What is at source in this fishing expedition is Paul Manafort LEGALLY purchased several New York properties outright. Then he took out mortgages on those properties, as most rich people do, because like Jeff Bezos taking out mortgages on Amazon, because Obama loan money is cheap, so it makes sense to re invest it in other rentals like the Kushners do.

Head  warlock Robert Mueller though is looking into this as a crime, because "sometimes" money is hid in these purchases to not disclose the source. Mueller has no proof of this. This is NOT part of what he is supposed to be investigating, and this is all to bring down Donald Trump.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team is examining Manafort's financial and real estate records in New York as well as his involvement in Ukrainian politics, the officials said.
    Between 2006 and 2013, Manafort bought three New York properties, including one in Trump Tower in Manhattan. He paid for them in full and later took out mortgages against them. A former senior U.S. law enforcement official said that tactic is often used as a means to hide the origin of funds gained illegally. Reuters has no independent evidence that Manafort did this.  

Now I am going to tell you what is behind all of this in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Last year, Donald Trump was in deep trouble in his campaign. The Bush family was colluding with Hillary Clinton. You remember HW using the cut throat sign in public in dealing with Donald Trump. You remember the 100 Days to deny Donald Trump the nomination. You remember the #NeverTrumpers insanity. You remember that idiot Ted Cruz trying to blow up the convention.

Now for the insider stuff in this so you get this. Donald Trump had no ground forces to organized voters. He had absolutely NO ONE TO MANAGE THE DELEGATES who were being stoked by Bush fam to deny Mr. Trump the nomination. Donald Trump was isolated and he was hiring people who were sabotaging his victory.

Into this a working solution was offered to the Trump campaign. The solution was based in the Bob Dole working group who you might remember at the Convention and the Inauguration. The key player in this was Paul Manafort who was to manage the delegates, get Mr. Trump speaking in a language to stop the Republican from going Lindsey Graham nuts every time Donald Trump opened his mouth, and to make certain the nomination went to Donald Trump.

Paul Manafort accomplished most of these goals, as Reince Priebush gavelled down any loony delegate dissent. Paul Manafort is the one who wedged Mike Pence onto the ticket, when Donald Trump was not sold on the idea. Paul Manafort created the wedge which drove the Trump campaign forward. He failed at some things. He created a problem leaking on Corey Lewandowski to get Lewandowski fired, but then after that misstep, he had completed what Ivanka and Jared Kushner desired, and Mike Pence, and they colluded to fire Paul Manafort with success. This then entered in the Mercer electronic voting phase where Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway rode the wedge forward as the work was complete on the political side.

On the voter side, the same Manafort Dole elements, overcame the racist computer programming out of San Antonio, that Jared Kushner was trying to say won the election, when in fact it was God's Grace, and the David Lane Christians who organized to get out the vote in key areas of North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
Bush fam has never forgotten the humiliation Donald Trump gave them, nor has Hillary Clinton. This is what is behind Robert Mueller's witch hunt against Paul Manafort, in this deep state is going to put him in the iron maiden and make him confess to betraying Jesus before this is over. Manafort led Donald Trump through the mine field Bush fam and Clinton fam had set up. They will never forgive Paul Manafort for that and that is why they are going after him with vengeance.

Bush fam attempted at the start of this, to install Robert Mueller into the Trump White House, but was thwarted on this spying mission, so the objective then was to have the other deep state operatives to prod Donald Trump to fire James Comey, whereby deep state Sessions and Rosenstein, appointed Robert Mueller to head warlock, and this is where this all stands now.

It is why you see the CIA operation at CBS in Nora O'Donnell replaying that Paul Manafort clip of Manafort sounding tired, because he was tired as this was taped while everyone was in bed, and he had to be up in the pre dawn, left sitting waiting until the Nora O'Donnell ambush took place. Of course he was groggy and it is part of this deep state targeting of the person who saved Donald Trump from disaster.

Of course the Kushners are offering up Manafort to try and save themselves again. The Kushners will though be a final phase if Robert Mueller can not trump up any charges on Paul Manafort. This though is what is behind all of this focus on Paul Manafort. It is a Robert Mueller criminal terrorism of a United States Citizen.

How would any of you like to have your finances gone though by Robert Mueller to get you to talk for volunteering on a phone bank or going door to door to get out the vote.......or if you donated? Paul Manafort did nothing wrong. He was paid for work, and it does not matter where that money came from as it was regime sanctioned. He paid taxes on it, and it is his absolute right to take out mortgages on every property he owns.

The crime in his is the Robert Mueller Coven. This is pure terrorism and is beyond the bounds of law and order in what Paul Manafort is being terrorized by HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIAN HACKING. It is about working for Ukraine which is legal. It is about being paid for work which is legal. It is about buying property in New York which is legal. It is about mortgaging property which is legal. None of the above has not one thing to do with Donald Trump or the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord campaign in the least. There is absolutely no connection at all.  So that makes is terrorism by Robert Mueller and his Coven, to illegally invade a person's privacy on a whim without evidence, in order to blackmail Paul Manafort into trying to save himself by saying something about the President.

What is taking place in Washington DC is worse than the 1950's McCarthy hearings. This is so out of bounds that this is thuggery and all Justice in the system has vanished.

It is time for Robert Mueller and his Coven to be charged under the Patriot Act for terrorizing Paul Manafort and for Mueller colluding with the criminal leaker James Comey. This is a political witch hunt which has nothing to do with any crimes. This is Obama Clinton destroying John Edwards for Hillary 2016. This is Obama Clinton destroying Bernie Sanders to eliminate that competition in the Democratic Party for 2018 and 2020. This is Bush fam going after the long list of Conservatives from Senator George Allen to Senator Norm Coleman for the deep state of Jeb 2016.
It is time for plain speaking in this, to stop being led around by the hysterics of the Molotov Media, and for the public to put an end to this witch hunt in providing the political backing to President Trump to force this witch hunt shut down, because when this cabal is done with Manafort and Trump, they are coming for each of you again.


Paul Manafort's Dole wing betrayed the Bush fam domination of the Rino Republican wing of the party.

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