Sunday, July 23, 2017

Walmart Special: Baked Mexican

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In light of today's lunch special at Texas Walmart of Baked Mexican, I thought I would share an Attention Walmart Shopper's Recipe from that PBS pedophile chef, The Frugal Gourmet, as this recipe turned up in an online search.

Baked Mexican Walmart

Capture yourself 10 to 12 Mexicans on Trump work Visa for Kushner shoe factory work

Go to Walmart and purchase one kiddie size pool for each Mexican.

Rub 1 gallon canola oil on each Mexican. Wrap Mexican in kiddie size pool.

Place each Mexican in a handy Walmart truck, on asphalt on the sunny side of the building, on a 100 degree day, and allow for the Mexican to self baste for 3 hours. Add another hour for especially plump Mexicans.

Return  at the appropriate time, with Walmart plates and plastic spoons, and Walmart special cola, with bags of corn chips.

Remember that as Mexicans consume quantities of peppers, that no additional spices are necessary, but in fact additional spices only lessen the flavor or the Walmart Parking Lot Baked Mexican Special.

 If America would have had that Trump wall, and shut Donald Trump off from Visas, Walmart shoppers would have been deprived of this delicacy, only known to be served in Walmart parking lots.

One additional note, the Frug warns against using just any parking lot as Home Depot has that pine wood flavor to it and that simply ruins the flavor of this dish.

Human trafficking nightmare revealed in WALMART parking lot...
Smuggling gateway...
Temps soared 100+ in trailer...

One person's nightmare is another Julia Child's culinary treat.

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