Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Chit People Toss Away

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This is five days before the 4th of July that I type this and I am supposed to be typing up wondrous revelations sure to embalm your minds in things too shocking to deal with, but instead  I am doing something I will enjoy in Emeril pans.

I think I heard of them on Create TV in sponsoring some show, as they are from Tfal, but the story goes like this.

Two weeks ago I was in the junk shop and spotted this awful calcium glum looking 6 quart pot. Checking the copper bottom, I saw it was Reverewear American, so for a 1.50 I picked it up. One thing good about old people dying and burning things on the stove is their shitty children will not clean it up, and it will be tossed and the hoodlums at goodwill, will not put a high price on it.
That is how I have my entire cook pan set, is they are pans burned and boiled to scum, because old folks croaked and the smoke is probably what alerted the EMT's.

So I get home and peal the tag off and another tag for 1.80 was under it. Yes screw 30 cents more out of poor people as I have noticed the clever pricing as of late.

So today I was rummaging about the shop and there was this set of pans scattered all over called Emeril and the lights went off in they are spun stainless steal, enclose copper bottom, and heavy as a horse. It was stupid and I told TL so, but TL said to get them in the 4 quart was 4 dollars, the 10 inch was 3 dollars and the 8 inch was 2 dollars. Nine bucks with another 1.50 for a 4 1/2 quart Revereware.

If I could educate you, in most cases, it is best to have in your cooking the deep 4 to 6 quart pans and kettles. In making rice, the bigger pans produce a better product due to surface area and in most cases, you are not going to boil anything over. I detest small pans and bowls. You can do in a big bowl what you can in a little bowl, so get the big bowl because you can't do in a small bowl what you can in a big bowl.

That is your cooking lesson and get good pans, but not the expensive pans as in most cases you are not getting anything but cheated.

So I looked these Emeril pans up.

The 4 quart, which I did not get the lid was 99 dollars.....I figure mine was around 60.

The 10 inch was was 67 dollars.

The 8 inch was  34 dollars.

So for 160 bucks for my 9, I think I did ok by God.

Just checked and they do not give Revereware away either. Criminy bob, 38 bucks for the non versions of the nice versions I picked up for 3 bucks.

I just do not get people in death in cleaning things out of their parents homes. This Emeril pan is from an adventure that some old gal embarked on. Husband probably croaked and she splurged and got herself some nice pans........did not use them too overly much, but all the same she used them enough to gunk up the bottom of one. The end result is the kids swoop in, throw out the entire house that does not look like dead presidents as they can not be bothered with the old lady.
I do not understand that stuff, but it has been very good for me, and I take the pans out for a nice adventure from time to time. The Emerils will appear in our home, as I cleaned them up and when we are no longer homeless, we will have some pans to do something in. They really are pretty signature pans in have some copper or pink in the Emeril brand name.

I know kids can not be hauling chit across the country as things are heavy, but shit sakes my greedy Aunt hauled back tons of chit from Gram and Gramps she stole to grab onto. I would think that expensive pans would be something you would keep, but I suppose people think they are work and most of these end baby boomers eat out of plastic microwave stuff and never figure out that old pans and new pans are quite valuable.

Still I would have liked to have gotten them on the 25 sale as I get most things, but this time I figured someone would get scooped in a few weeks.............not that I needed them, but right now I would be kicking myself for not splurging that much on pans.

I will dream of cooking things in them like chicken breasts or Jacques Pepin rabbit..........I like squirrel better, but I like Jacques and do a good impression of him as I cook.......OK.

I better quit enjoying life. What do you think this is a cooking class.

Nuff Said