Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All Children Great and Small

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As an insight into La'me Cherry in how this strange mind processes information, as a child I existed in a colored world which was black and white. It seems my babysitter was an electronic screen with access to a world which was non stop fiction in titles like:

Secret Storm
Guiding Light
Edge of Night
As the World Turns
Dark Shadows

Those soap operas were not like the few remaining of sets and other wonders. My 3 year old world saw sets like cardboard boxes and actors upon stages with stories. I watched them all from Mike Carr, Dr. Bob, Barnabas, Alan Spaulding and one actress who just infatuated me as a child, as I simply knew she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

The actress who I knew this to be true was someone  that I actually took the time to discover who she is, as she played Amy Ames on a Secret Storm. I was infatuated with her, as she reminded me of my older sister in some ways, and the worst of this is, I can not find a photo of her from that period.
It is a strange thing to me that this ingrained itself into my psyche and I never forgot how beautiful she was. I made a mistake in I thought she was Marie Masters, who is a very pretty woman too, who played the same character on As the World Turns.

I discovered that Jada Rowlands turned her back on theater and became an illustrator which is interesting in she was quite successful. It is odd how many actors and actresses leave the vocation and become something else in writing or illustrations and do very well.


I think this is from when she was on The Doctors, but I loathed NBC and ABC programs for some reason. I was all CBS black and whites as that was all I had access to, and of course that meant I was biased as all other archives had to be inferior.


This is Jada Rowlands today. I am pleased I found out who she was as this honestly has bothered me since she vacated my childhood world, about the time........she was married to this guy on the soap who was a cripple and all he did was wheel around mad. David Ackroyd was the actor and I have always enjoyed his work. He was much too under utilized in roles.
It just bothered me in you had the most beautiful creature in Amy Ames and all you could do is wheel around in a pity party and not appreciate the woman who married you.

It must be the most loveliest of things in life, to be the most mesmerizing creature in the 1960's, to be successful at numerous things, and to have a wonderful name like Jada Rowlands, which is timelessly perfect for such a wonder upon the landscape of God's human garden.

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